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Update: What I plan to do this year to become a better coder!

Mar 18

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:55 PM  RssIcon

Progress update as promised (late, but still as promised).

I've been quiet the past few weeks cause I've been trying to accomplish one of my line items for my goals this year.  Here's the updates.




  Present at Ottawa Code Camp 2009 Submitted two presentation proposals and I'm anxiously waiting to hear back which one I'll get to present.
 Mar 09 Get my next MS certification (Web Apps)

YAHOO!  I'm done and officially recognized by Microsoft that I can take a Microsoft exam! :> 

But seriouly I learned a boat load of cool things about  Ya, there were some dud info in there too, but the people were great in the study group!


Learn WPF/Silverlight/XAML so much that I become the Markus Egger of Ottawa (if you're doing WPF and haven't heard of this guy, you're missing out on some great info), ya, I know this is a "reach for the stars" kind of goal but nothing ventured, nothing gained (any other clichés I can mangle? :>)

  Start another study group, I have a bit of a training bug, this let's me fulfill that side of my personality Looks like the next framework study group is a go, there is enough interest and we have a location (CTE Solutions), so here we go! :>  Next is the information session prep.
  Create a blog entry for creating/debugging/delivering a Windows Service (some juicy, time saving tips here!)  I have a very cool sample/demo app for this!  Watch for this in April!
  Create two screen savers (just something I've always wanted to do, boring I know, but these will be slightly different, stay tuned!)  
  Learn about unit testing with C#/VS  
  Help people via blogs (something I'm starting to see now and I LOVE it when someone posts a comment saying my entry helped them, I LOVE THAT!) I've had a few people post and email with positive feedback about the site and posts!  I love that! :>
  Learn more about patterns  
 Jan 09 Install and expose sample code via SVN

Although I have not exposed any code externally yet, I have learned quite a bit about SVN (both the server and Visual Studio client).  Enough to use it at work and at home.

Update (March 2009): I've since exposed some of my code via SVN.

Code from/about/for my blog:

Personally for my website:

  Learn to better recognize negative personalities, then to avoid them, to not let them sway my convictions and to seek out positive people to surround myself and family  
Updates to the list (as things get completed I plan on adding new things to it, very Agile-ish :> sort of like a Product Backlog? :>>>>)


Update 03-18-2009: I was reading one of the regular RSS feeds I follow by Jason Haley called Interesting Finds (very cool, check it out, it'll save you LOADS of blog reading time! :>) and low and behold I made his blog!  TOO COOL! :>  Thanks Jason!  Ok, ok, so I emailed him yesterday and asked if he can take a gander at my blog sometimes to include on his Interesting Finds, but still, it's very cool! :>

Jason Haley's topic aggregation will save you LOADS of time in blog reading useful, interesting and directly applicable information!  Take a look, I highly doubt you'l be disappointed! :>  I'm not just saying that cause I was on there today. :>  I've been reading his blog for over two years now, ya, once you're hooked, you're HOOKED! 

Grab a coffee and get coding! :>

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Re: Update: What I plan to do this year to become a better coder!

Picked up by Jason Haley:

By phenry on   Friday, May 08, 2009 12:50 PM

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