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Searching functionality back up and running

Aug 6

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008 8:37 PM  RssIcon

PCHenry Search is back and it's better than ever!  If I don't say so myself! :>

Since moving to DNN, I've missed my old Search feature.  I would set my browser to that default page so when I opened it up, my search entry screen would come up, along with my top favourite links, the focus was in the right place (search textbox) and I was ready to start searching with Google.

But when I moved to DNN, that functionality was replaced with what I assume is the standard search feature bundled with DNN.  The thing I hate most about this feature is it will always use and overright the new browser window opened even if you have stuff in there you want to keep.  Even if you close down the original window, it will still use that other search results window to display the results.

For me, I search for a boat load of stuff every day, I sort of daisy chain my search sometimes and I would like my searching tools to allow me to push/pop searches on to a browser stack (metaphor here :> I just open more and more browser windows and let Windows z-order help me figure my way back up as I pop/close windows).

Well, after playing around with DNN more and figuring out how to get it to handle my own C#/aspx pages, I proudly introduce the new and improved Search (not the prettiest but it works and it's fast).

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