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Microsoft Word/Excel Shortcuts (follow up)

Mar 29

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Sunday, March 29, 2009 2:21 PM  RssIcon

In August I wrote a blog about MS Word shortcuts.  Turns out there are a few other one's I've been using quite a bit.  Read on for a table you can print out and tape beside your monitor to help you out.

In August, I wrote a blog about MS Word shortcuts. Turns out there are a few other one's I've been using quite a bit. The ones listed here are broken out by Office shared/common,Word and Excel shortcuts.


Microsoft Office

Toggle Ribbon CTRL+F1
Show Font Dialog CTRL+SHFT_F
Create Hyperlink CTRL+K
Paste Special CTRL+ALT+V


Microsoft Word

Reveal Codes SHFT+F1
View Draft/Normal CTRL+ALT+N
View Outline CTRL+ALT+O
View Print CTRL+ALT+P
Toggle Field CTRL+F9
Toggle All Fields ALT+F9
Center CTRL+E
Bullet List CTRL+SHIFT+L
NumberedList CTRL+ALT+L
+/- Font Size CTRL+SHIFT+
Add Footnote CTRL+ALT+F
Add Comment CTRL+ALT+M


Microsoft Office

Print Preview CTRL+F2
Select Row SHIFT+SPC
Select Col CTRL+SPC
Copy Last Cmd F4
Add Cells CTRL+SHIFT++
Del Cells CTRL+-
Format Dlg CTRL+F1
Toggle Formulas CTLR+'
Auto Sum Sel Cells ALT+=
Copy Frmla to Sel Cells CTRL+D
Add Chart of Sel Cells ALT+F1

Reference: Office 2007 Keyboard Shortcuts

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