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Do you take FULL advantage of Microsoft PowerPoint when you present?

Apr 10

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Friday, April 10, 2009 1:07 PM  RssIcon

When you give presentations, do you sometimes lose track of time?  Do you sometimes get caught up on a question that takes you away from your well practised presentation?  Do you sometimes lose track of time (and repeat yourself cause you're not aware of your own presentation? DOH!)?  Read on for a GREAT feature in Microsoft PowerPoint to help you give keep track of your presentations.

Yesterday I was at a Microsoft presentation and I learned one VERY cool thing (among other things I mean) which I think EVERYONE who gives presentations could benefit from, but I would bet my copy of Visual Studio Professional, know NOTHING about?!  It's called Presenter View!

Ok, ok, I know there are some people out there who HAAAAAAAATE MS PowerPoint.  If you are one of those people, this might convert you back (I said "might," I'm not promising miracles here).  You can still take advantage of this feature and still keep your presentations focused on your topic/material without all the whiz-bang graphics/pictures/1000 fonts/transitions and other gimicatry people sometimes like to get away with.

Now, we all KNOW we're supposed to stay on time when we give a presentation, we know that!  Some people take their watches off and place them beside their computer to keep track of time,  Some even bring an alarm clock!  Some lucky people even have some cool gadgets from their AV company which acts like a shot-clock at a lacrosse/basketball game.  And others run a separate program on their other screen while doing their presentation.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!  None of these are required if you're using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007!!!!  Why do I say that?  Check out the Presenter View!  This is a one checkbox setting you can use so that when you "run" your slideshow, you see the following:

Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Mode at runtime

There are four fantastic sections and sections 2 and 3 being the coolest IMHO!

Section 1 is your standard presentation, you probably expected this one to be there?! :>

Section 2 is your notes.  Something I've always been ticked off with about PowerPoint was when I created my slides and my notes, I'd have to print out my notes to see them while giving my presentation.  All your notes are here for easy referal (just pppppppuuuuhhhhhhhhlease dont' read them verbatim?)

Section 3 is the most useful IMHO!  On the left you see which slide of how man you're on.  Next is the elapsed time in the middle and the current time on the right.  This QUICKLY gives you a 10,000 foot view of your progress.  Are you on time?  Are you late and have to speed up?  Are you going too fast and are now able to take more ad-hoc questions?  This one pane gives you a huge advantage over your presentation!

And lastly, section 4 gives you thumbnails of what you've covered and what's coming up. 

IMHO this is awesome!!!!!!!  BUT you might ask?  How difficult/easy is it to setup?  I mentioned before, one checkbox!  Go under the Slide Show ribbon tab, then check the Use Presenter View.

PowerPoint Presenter Mode Setup

I want to thank Rick Claus, Christian Beauclair and Pierre Roman for introducing us to this very cool and useful feature!  Now go grab a coffee and get coding! :>



Microsoft Office Online: Presenter view: tools for running a PowerPont presentation

PowerPoint 2007 Presenter View, Dennis van der Stelt



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