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Ever heard of SWAG before? What about Chachkas? Ever goto trade show and get free stuff?

Apr 22

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 8:55 PM  RssIcon

Ever heard the term SWAG or Chachkas before but never knew what they meant?  Read on to find out!

I've always known about the term SWAG, I've heard it MANY times before.  If you work for a company who manufacturers a product for sale, then chances are you give away stuff, that's SWAG.  But do you know what it stands for?  What about Chachkas?  Ever goto a trade show and given a key chain or stress reliever ball?  A pen?  Hat?  That's a chashka.

What's this got to do with anything?  Not much (sorry), just that Microsoft (and I'm sure Sun, Oracle and IBM too!) give away GOBS of freebies and different people call those things differently.  This week I heard a reference and thought it would be interesting to poke around a bit.

Born to Learn, The Microsoft Learning Community and Evangelism Team: All about SWAG

What's it stand for?  Something We All Get.  Simple eh? Ever goto a Microsoft trade show like TechEd, then chances are you know what I'm talking about!  I've heard they give a way t-shirt like rain!  They even give away CHACHKAS! :>

Now that you've learned something new today which I'm pretty sure you didn't already know, you can go grab a coffee and get back to coding! :>

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