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Are you a .NET developer? C#/VB.NET code head? Do you live in the Ottawa, ON area?

Apr 30

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 9:14 PM  RssIcon

If you are a .NET/C#/VB.NET code head living in the Ottawa, ON area, then you might be interested in the Ottawa Code Camp going on this weekend!  Read on for further details!

Ottawa Code CampAre you a .NET developer?  You find those TechEd and PDC conferences too expensive?  Too far?  Too high level?  Too much work?  Too crowded?  Can't use that information tomorrow at work?!  Fret not!  The Ottawa Code Camp is THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!  

This is a free event at Algonquin College and is a full day of nothing but code!  C# and VB.NET are equals all day long, PowerPoint is subservent and CODE IS KING!!!!!  That's right, no marketing, no sales pitches (except maybe for the occasional blog boasting/broadcasting), just Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, you and a few hundred of your local fellow bit heads! 

This is a fantastic networking opportunity as well!  You get to rub shoulders with the likes of Garth Jones, Joël Hébert, Jean-René Roy, Wes MacDonald, Justin Lee, John Marshall who are all MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).  These people are officially recognized by Microsoft as being in the upper echelon of their respective expertise area!  I've met some of them, you can actually talk tech with them and they LOVE to go on about different solutions and help work out solutions!  They are cool people!  Peter Ritchie is also rumoured to be going as well!  He'd be cool to meet!  That's a total of SEVEN MVPs at one conference!  Orest Hirniak, the guy who runs the Ottawa.NET Community group is also going to be there too!  So if you're interested in participating in the ODNC, he's the man to talk to!

Last year's even drew double the expected crowd and they ran out of lunches!  So to avoid disappointment, register now for the few remaining spots!

Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead!  I'm doing a presenation on "Windows Services - From the Ground Up!"  It's a pretty specific topic but not very well known!  So if you're reading this (all two of you! :>) and you're in the area, please drop by (I could use the company for my talk! :>). 

Also, if you're part of the ODNC MCTS 70-536 Framework Study Group, please find me out and introduce yourself!  I would like to get a chance to put a face to the name of the people in the study group!

It's getting late, and I still have A LOT of preparing to do for Saturday!  It' time to grab a coffee and get coding!  Hope to see you Saturday! :>


PS  If you're from Microsoft, or my company (DOH! :>) I LOVE TechED and PDC, I have NOTHING against those conferences!  They are AWESOME and worth every penny, it's just it takes A LOT OF PRETTY PENNIES to go to those MS conferences.  Although there is nothing like those conferences, these Code Camps are very intimate, very code/developer oriented and very, Very VERY down to earth!

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