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When was the last time you got a fast response for a software manufacturer?

May 1

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Friday, May 01, 2009 11:45 AM  RssIcon

Have you ever emailed/phoned a software manufacturer?  How long did it take?  Read on for a very cool story about CodePlex!  Find out why I'm pleasantly suprised!

In the past two months, I've been helping put two projects on CodePlex.  The Ottawa Code Camp and ODNC MCTS Study Group are alive and well on CodePlex!  VERY COOL STUFF!  There are lots of benefits to exposing your project on CodePlex:

  • you "outsource" your IT, they take are of the
    • hardware
    • software
    • licenses
    • backups
    • net connections
    • user administration (accessibility, password maintenance, etc)
  • you always have access to the code
  • free discussion groups
  • access to code via browsers, SVN and Microsoft Team Explorer (lots of choice)
  • almost instant publicity
  • you are building your online presence/brand/name/reputation
  • can immediately get feedback on your code
  • able to distribute your "Releases" (and code too) as soon as you create it
  • let's me play/tweak/reconfigure/repave MY servers without fear of losing any code! (the code's not on there! :>)

These are just a few benefits.  But it hasn't come without some hiccups.  And just lately I've been experiencing errors with doing SVN Updates (errors with svnbridge and binary files).  But I have to say I have been VERY pleasantly surprised at the near real time feedback I'm getting from REAL PEOPLE fixing the problem!  No, I didn't say I got an automated reply from IIS/Exchange/C#/ASP.NET code.  NO!  A real person, her name's Emily to prove my point.  AND, ya, it gets better, Sara Ford (regular readers might know I love her blog about VS tips'n'tricks) has recently moved over to run CodePlex and I've even received emails directly from her about recent fixes to one of my suggestions! 

Let me make this clear!  When was the last time you received nearly real time responses from ANY request you put out there on the web?  Ya, I thought so!  Ya, ya, there's probably one or two of you who have good examples, but overall, the people supporting/running/administration CodePlex get a HUGE standing ovation from this geek!  Yes, I understand there are going to be some more bumps ahead but at least I know, in the back of my mind, when I send an email, a REAL, O2 breathing, programming lover, RSI suffering, geek inclined person is going to reply and ACTUALLY TRY TO RESOLVE MY ISSUE!  That's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Emily and Sara, I appreciate your hard work!

Now that's off my chest, it's time to go grab a coffee and get back to coding! :>

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Re: When was the last time you got a fast response for a software manufacturer?

I just realized Sara mentioned this blog on her posting about her CodePlex presentation at TechEd 2009. Thank you very much Sara! Have a good one!

TechEd 2009 – Embrace Open Source on CodePlex (DPR301)

By phenry on   Thursday, December 17, 2009 2:02 PM

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