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Ottawa Code Camp 2009 has come and gone, with great success!

May 6

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009 9:02 PM  RssIcon

IMHO the OCC 2009 event was a great success for the Microsoft tech heads in the Ottawa/Gatineau area!  Read on for some highlights!

Ottawa Code Camp

The Ottawa Code Camp 2009 was a huge success IMHO!  Here are some of the highlights!

  • Three massive rooms this year, although they were a bit spread out, attendees did not feel cramped at all.
  • Seven, count'em SEVEN MVPs were there and presenting!  It's incredible, these people have real life/consulting/full time exposure to the stuff they're talking about!  MS has recognized their contributions to the community at large, yes they ARE that good, they are given the MVP status cause they enjoy talking to and sharing with the public at large!  Who was there you ask?
    1. Garth Jones
    2. Joël Hébert
    3. Jean-René Roy
    4. Wes MacDonald
    5. Justin Lee
    6. John Marshall
    7. Peter Ritchie
  • LOTS of laptop support (plugs/power/juice, desk/elbow room, wifi connectivity, patience from people around you)
  • Presentations stayed on time to start AND finish!  Very cool and well done!
  • Lunch for everyone!  Awesome!
  • At the end of the day there were OVER 25 prizes and give aways!  YES!  You read that right, OVER 25, I lost count after 15 minutes of continuous give aways!  It was VERY COOL!  And that's not including the book draws DURING THE DAY!  The top prize by far was the DevTeach give away!  I was lucky enough to win last year, and I can say the winner this year is DEFINITELY going to enjoy his winnings!
  • After EVERY presentation (that's 12) there were four/five books given away!  Yes, that's right, if you attended all day, there was a VERY good chance you were coming away with a free book!  VERY COOL!
  • Christain (local MS guru) dropped off a boat load of MS shirts as give aways for the first group of registrants (there were enough to give to lots of the people who registered early, that was a huge bonus, thank you Christian!)

Those are some of the highlights I had.  But the best thing I came away with was the networking!  I met some old friends, and made a couple new ones!  I'm already looking forward to next year (and hoping I'm lucky enough to be able to present again! I'll blog about that soon! :>).

To top things off, here are some pics I took.

Souheil Charlie and Colin, thank you Charlie for organizing!

Richard, the IT GURU from Algonquin, thank you for your support!

Justin and Josh, two VERY talented coders!

Colin, super nice guy to talk tech with!

Peter Dany standing in front of room signage

Starting the draws, JR, Joel and Charlie are starting things off

And MORE draws, look on the top right, that's just the BIG prizes!

And a pic of the back of the room, everyone enjoying themselves

Now go grab a coffee and get coding! :>

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