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Does your Windows Explorer go for a ride when you try to do something? Are you using SVN?

May 7

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Thursday, May 07, 2009 7:53 PM  RssIcon

When you try to rename a directory or do an F5/refresh and find your Windows Explorer goes off on a ride for ten minutes unexplicably?  Are you using SVN/TortoiseSVN?  If you said yes to both, I have a solution, please read on!

This week I got tired of having my Windows Explorer go for a ride every time I went to create a new directory and then rename it.  Windows Explorer would just spin'n'spin'n'spin.......  You get the picture.  Well, last night I found out what was going wrong!  Turns out it's TortoiseSVN Cache that's going for a ride.  That's the Windows Explorer plugin to find out what files/directories it should put the icon overlay on and what information it should be displaying (ignored, updated, checked in, etc).

There are two solutions, one reactive and one proactive.


You can create a batch/cmd file in your dev directory that you can run everytime you think Windows Explorer has lost touch with reality (kind of like Linux, sorry SB LOL).  Put these lines into a batch file and run.  Simple eh?

@echo off
taskkill /f /im TSVNCache.exe
start TSVNCache.exe

Nothing complicated here, first the echoing of commands to the console is turned off, clear screen, taskkill is a Windows thing and in this case forces the process named TSVNCache.exe to be killed.  then it restarts it and the last command stops the command window from closing for a second so you can decide if it worked or not.  The second last line (restarting) is optional cause the SVN will restart it anyways the next time you goto do anything with it anyways (like update, or commit).


Setup TortoiseSVN to disregard any directories you aren't using as source code repositories AND explicitly setup TortoiseSVN which directories you ARE using as dev/code.  You do that by going to Icon Overlays (hey, don't shoot the messanger!).

Icon Overlays and settings to include/exclude directories

By specifying all paths to exclude and include explicitly, you should help TortoiseSVN to not get in your way when you're playing with Windows Explorer in other directories where it has no business. 

Now it's time to go grab a coffee and get coding!

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Re: Does your Windows Explorer go for a ride when you try to do something? Are you using SVN?

Picked up by Jason Haley, Interesting Feeds:

By phenry on   Friday, May 08, 2009 12:48 PM

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