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Were you recently laid off? Are you looking for FREE training? Are you in Ottawa?

May 13

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 8:15 PM  RssIcon

Are you a recently laid off hi-tech programmer/IT worker in the Ottawa, ON area?  If yes, please read on for a FANTASTIC free training opportunity with CTE Solutions!

Yesterday I got wind of a FANTASTIC FREE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY in Ottawa this summer!  How many times do you ever get to see those four word together, FANTASTIC FREE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you're a local coder (mainly VB or Java) or an IT support person, who's recently found themselves looking for work full time, this is something to take a look at!

Some people might know me as being one of the most skeptical and security anal retentive people out there!  If I hadn't received the personal email from Kim and if Kim (and his CTE Solution's partner) hadn't supported our ODNC Study Groups for the past two years, I might thinks this was a bogus, too good to be true hoax!  But I know better!  I've personally be lucky enough to benefit from Kim's and Mia's gracious contributions to our FOUR Microsoft certification study groups!  And they support TWO other study groups as well, not just ours!  They have single handedly done MORE for the local IT communitee than any other shop in this area I know!

Make Me MarketableWhat's the catch?  Well, the biggest is, you have to be a recently let go hi tech employee.  That's the hard part to type out, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you must be going through, my apologies.  Secondly, because CTE Solutions is expecting there to be a huge demand (there are only 150 spots available), acceptance is based on eligibility and availability.  Complete eligility requirements are here.

Why?  This program from CTE Solutions is an attempt to help you back on your feet by helping you earn (hopefully) newer and more marketable skills!  The more people are employed in this town, the stronger our hi-tech community is!  But, does it really matter why they're doing it?  If you're going to get a free week long training course (worth upwards of $2500!!!!!!!!!!!!) what's it matter?  You're most certainly coming out the winner on this deal!  Heck, even if you have to get on their Christmas card mailing list, is that really such a bad trade?

Let's not be naive about this, CTE Solutions is also hoping you're going to remember them when you get back on your feet and you need to update your skills again. I know you'll remember their stellar facilities, up to date hardware (no CRTs or 486s here!), spotless labs, a kitchen you can actually sit down to eat lunch and staff who are VERY friendly and always make you feel at home!  Cheryl will always greet you at the door with a smile!

What are some other benefits?  If your course is towards an exam, you get a coupon to write the exam for $25US!  Ya, twenty five dollars (US), I had to reread that on the FAQ page a few times too!  And yes, the regular price for these exams is $125US.  You save a hundred bucks!  SCORE!

Ok, so what's the catch?  Well, CTE Solutions is pitching in the course, you have to pay for your transportation/parking.  Lunches are also your responsibility.  Hey man, food's not cheap for that many people.  However, they offer continental breakfast and some snacks, so it's not a total loss there.  Is there any guarantees you'll get a job out of this, or do they have any job placements?  Sorry, CTE Solutions is a training facility, they're doing there community part with giving the free training.  It's still up to you to do the leg work to find the positions.  Ok, that's the no-so-feel-good part of this post, back onto the happy stuff!  Can you apply to ALL the courses?  You can certainly apply to all of them, chances are you'll only get into one though.  Why?  Can you imagine the RUSH they're going to get once the word about this gets out?!  So apply NOW!  You only have until the middle of June to apply and you can bet there's going to be a lot of competition for these!

Now that you're all jazzed up about this program, it's time to grab a coffee and either get coding or get writting your email to CTE Solutions to get on board with this program!  Good luck!

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