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Swooping in on WPF from 10,000 feet view down to something much friendlier

Jul 10

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Friday, July 10, 2009 7:34 PM  RssIcon

Heard of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) but only know enough to fill a thimble?  Read on for a spoon fed article to give you a leg up!

Tonight I found a VERY cool article on WPF which will take you from a 10,000 foot view of WPF down to something where it's less scary.

C# Corner: 21 Important FAQ questions for WPF and Silverlight

STILL not convinced to continue reading/learning about WPF?  Here's some more highlights.

  • WPF uses your vid card to it's max capacity without doing anything extra, yes, you get that power FOR FREE, YES FOR FREE
  • WPF does NOT replace DirectX, it is built on top of it and therefore you get those "gaming" benefits for your LOB applications, again FOR FREE!
  • animation is done ala PowerPoint transitions, ya, that's right, no more low level double buffering (for simple things that is, should be more than enough for LOB apps)
  • learn XAML for WPF and you have a HUGE/GINORMOUS leg up on Silverlight development, can you say that when you moved from WinForms to ASP.NET/web development?

And the BIGGEST reason to start learning about WPF?

  • Microsft is "Dead-Ending" Windows Forms (WinForms)

Yup, you read that last bullet correctly!  MS is not improving WinForms any further.  So if you're doing WinForms today, WPF is your next evolution.  What's dead-ending mean to you?  All your current WinForms will continue to work (WTF? is it dead or not? DOH!) but MS is NOT, I repeat, is NOT going to imrpove WinForms.  You can fully expect MS to do bug fixes, but once .NET 4.0 comes out, don't expect new fancy'n'cool things for your WinForms.  But you CAN expect them for WPF.


PS  Still not conviced and want MORE proof?  hhhmmm  You know how often MS has changed their data access technologies in the past right (JET, MDAC, RDO, RDS, xODBC, OLD BD, ADO, ADO.NET)?  Just wait and see IF MS will include WinForms for the NEXT time they change their data access technologies!

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