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Visual Studio TnT (Tips'n'Tricks) Presentation at ODNC

Nov 5

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Thursday, November 05, 2009 4:30 PM  RssIcon

Do you want to get the most out of your Visual Studio experience?  Read on for over 135 Tips'n'Tricks to become more proficient with the tool you live'n'breath with everyday!

TnT for Visual Studio

Tonight I am very pleased to present a topic near'n'dear to my heart, Tips'n'Tricks for Visual Studio to the Ottawa.NET Community (ODNC).  Tonight's two bangs for the buck!  I'm teaming up with Colin Melia who's doing An Introductory Dive into LINQ.

Ottawa.NET Community

If you're reading this, then either you saw the presentation or googled the subject.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you find some tricks'n'tips you can use.  The key here is to help you "do it" as fast as you think it.  The faster you get your ideas out of your head and into Visual Studio, the better! 

Click the image of the first slide (or the hyperlink) to receive a zip file containing a boat load of information I hope you find useful. 

ODNC VS TnT Presentation The contains
  • PPTX (yup, you'll need PowerPoint 2007 or download this PowerPoint Viewer)
  • Shortcuts XLS for you to add/customize and stick beside your monitor
  • Sample Code Snippet for Console.WriteLine(string.format("Some Var{0}", xyx));
  • Sample Debugging Visualizer (GPSPositionVisualizer)
  • Sample Item Template (PublicClass)
  • Directory containing shortcuts to several key Visual Studio subdirectories for the above tips'n'tricks

To help "remember" the keyboard shortcuts, don't try to memorize all of them at once.  Focus on one or two and work on remembering them.  Once they're part of your vernacular, move onto another one.

If (or when) you get frustrated at becoming more proficient with Visual Studio, check out this zenhabits blog post about The Only Way to Become Amazing Great at Something.  It's a worthwhile read and might give you that little bit of humph to get you back to trying again.

If you were there tonight at the presentation, I hope I was able to deliver on my claims of helping you get more out Visual Studio!  Please drop me a note if you came by to grab the zip file. Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Colin Melia's Blog

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