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Congratulations Dad! I am so proud of you! And thank you!

Nov 10

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 9:14 PM  RssIcon

This morning a friend of mine (NK) emailed me saying he heard my Dad being talked about on TV last night.  This isn't the first time this has happened, but what was different was the setting.  Read on for an interesting story.

Luc Robitaille's induction into the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame speechHockey Hall Of Fame - Luc Robitaille BIOToday as I was sipping my morning coffee, reading my emails, I come upon NK's email telling me he heard about my Dad on TV last night.  Now, NK's always got his "eye on the ball" so to speak, he's an "all sports all the time" kind of guy haha and I usually hear about my Dad being TV from him before I hear it from any one else.  The thing is, something special happened last night, something that only happens once a year, in fact, this "something" turned into a once in a lifetime kind of "something!"

Luc Robitaille Topps hockey cardOne of the hockey players, Luc Robitaille was giving his induction into the NHL's Hockey Hall of Fame speech and at 2:15 he mentions my Dad, Charlie Henry!  WOW!  Ya, at the 2:15 mark, Luc starts to talk about MY DAD!  How cool is that?!  But you know what I found even cooler?  Was all the names Luc mentioned, I realized I recognized a lot of those names, my Dad had an impact on their lives as well!  Now THAT's cool!


Ordre GatineauI always knew my Mom & Dad were cool, but they always stayed in the shadows, they always let other people shine.  They were ALWAYS there to help, to support, to guide others to the limelight but rarely ever took the spotlight for themselves.  (And when I mean rarely, I mean never, I tried googling my Dad for pictures and I found a grand total of THREE!  Ya, of all the data Google has, there's THREE unique and different pics of my Dad.)


Charlie Henry at press conferenceI would like to recall a quick story.  One night back in the mid-80s, there was a press conference to introduce the new owner of the Hull Olympiques.  On hand was Pat Burns and some of the players, among them was a tall skinny kid named Luc Robitaille.   Now, this was a press conference to herald in a new era, a new owner, and a renewed evergy for the team!  Everyone was pumped and they wanted to see the man who helped organize this renewed energy!  It tooks two or three calls to get my Dad up on stage.  As they were calling for him, I asked my Mom, why Dad wasn't going up on stage?!  Now, for a young hockey player myself (who spent his unfair share of time in the penalty box LOL) I thought my Dad would have jumped on stage to glow in the spotlight!  Afterall, he earned it working tirelessly for months'n'months'n'months.....but he wasn't going up there......huh?  I don't get it.  My Mom patiently turned and whispered, "It's ok, your father just doesn't like the spotlight."  With a bit of encouragement he did get up there, spoke a few words and then stepped off the stage.

I learned a special lesson that evening from my Mom & Dad.  Seeing the energy in that room, seeing the fruition of MONTHS of work, lawyers, negotiating, scouting reports, schedule changes, etc, to see it all climax that night, THAT'S the reward.  I learned the spotlight is for other people.  My Mom & Dad do a HUGE amount of work that nobody sees only to let others bask in the glory.  But that's ok with them.  Cause, the people they help, ALWAYS know who helped them.  I've learned I'm very much like my Mom & Dad that way.  Whenever I've tried to "bask in the limelight" I usually burn to a crisp.  It's just taken me a few years to realize it.

I want to thank you Mom & Dad for that lesson, the older I get, the more I realize I'm just like you.  I'm happiest when I'm helping other's to excel!  I just hope I can teach it to my kids like you taught it to yours.  Merci beaucoup! 




Luc Robitaille's induction into the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame speech Luc Robitaille's induction speech into the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame

Luc Robitaille Wikipedia: Luc Robitaille 

Olympiques a breeding ground for NHL coaches National Post: CHL: Olympiques a breeding ground for NHL coaches Olympiques a breeding ground for NHL coaches

Gatineau Oympiques Wikipedia: Gatineau Olympiques 

Retiring Luc Robitaille's number 15 Retiring Luc's number 15 in Hull, December 12, 1999

Hull Festivals Logo from 1973 to 1974 History of the Hull/Gatineau Olympiques


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4 comment(s) so far...

Re: Congratulations Dad! I am so proud of you! And thank you!

Well said Peter. Yes, your parents are very special people and the salt of the earth. Congratulations to your Dad and to your Mom for always being there.


By Stephanie Larkin-Taggart on   Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:34 PM

Re: Congratulations Dad! I am so proud of you! And thank you!

Thank you. Now if I can just manage to show my Dad how to use the browser to read this page and click on the links without losing my cool, we'd be all set! :> HAHA

But seriously, merci. And same to you and your's. I remember your folk's always being just as cool too! Do you remember all those nights our Moms would play cards? How many decks did they go through? I still joke about "the boys" going on their road trips and getting a call from the RCMP telling us to go pick them up! :> haha

By phenry on   Thursday, November 12, 2009 1:40 PM

Re: Congratulations Dad! I am so proud of you! And thank you!

Peter my cuz! nice thoughts and life lessons. Since I can remember I have loved your mom and dad, they are very special. I have always felt proud to be their nephew. I can speak for my mom(As she is light years away from owing a computer) she has admiration and love for her bro and sis in law, she lights up like a xmas tree when there's a wisper of Charlie and Nan. With love

By George Leblanc on   Friday, November 13, 2009 8:14 PM

Re: Congratulations Dad! I am so proud of you! And thank you!

Thank you very much George for leaving those very kind words. I'll make sure to pass along your thoughts to my Dad since he's probably just as far away from this site as your Mom is from buying a computer! :> HAHA!

I'm sorry I was a bit too young to remember a lot of things about your Dad (my uncle). :< BUT, when ever I hear stories, my Mom & Dad always speak fondly of "Uncle Fern."

I always loved the time with your Mom at the cottage in the summers!!!! In fact, as I was writting the article above, I couldn't help but recall that very next summer spending time at your Mom's camper when everyone else was in Portland at the Memorial Cup!

My sister and I were recalling today with VERY fond memories of Easter's at the Normandy, and Christmas' and Year Year's at Grandmother & Grandfather Henry's! I always loved seeing all the aunts & uncles and cousins! I always looked up to you and Reg (although technically Reg was an Uncle he was young enough to recall some cool stories like you! :>).

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

By phenry on   Friday, November 13, 2009 9:47 PM

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