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Tired of being told how many rows you can SELECT or EDIT with SQL Server Management Studio?

Nov 18

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 8:35 PM  RssIcon

Do you use SQL Server Management Studio to right mouse click on a table and just hate it when you're told how many rows you can SELECT or EDIT?  Read on for a quick'n'easy fix!

Since using SQL Server Management Studio 2005, I hated being told how many rows I could SELECT or EDIT!  Since upgrading to MS 2008 it's just gotten a little bit more irritating!  Below is a screen shot using SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

Right mouse clicking in Management Studio 2008

It's just something the urked me.  Ya, ya, I know, MS is trying to protect people/you/me from Cartesian/bad/run away queries, but really, come on?!  How many times a day to you REALLY write a cartessian query?  Once/twice MAYBE a month will you forget to add a join clause, MAYBE? 

This has ticked me off, until today when CI showed me I can change this.  Now, I've tried to change this (I'm not the type to complain for the sake of complaining!) but I guess I just wasn't looking in the right spot.  CI showed me the setting to change this is under Tools\Options in the SQL Server Object Explorer\Commands section.

Management Studio Options

By Changing the last two rows, you've now changed the right mouse click to something you're probably a bit more familiar with (I guess I was always looking in the other nodes and/or not looking two nodes down?).

Management Studio Options after changes

THERE!  Now, I find I can scan for the Select All Rows and the Edit All Rows easier than the other way (ya ya, I'm weird, I've come to grips with it! LOL).  Thank you CI for that tip!  Very cool!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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