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Expression Blend 3 and VisualSVN integration (or the lack there of)

Nov 25

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009 9:10 PM  RssIcon

Did you read the latest news?  Expression Blend is source control friendly, just not to SVN, read on for more details.

Microsoft Expression Blend 3Things that make you go hhhhmmmmmmmmm????????  That's just not right IMHO!

When you advertise you're "compatible with" a product, I assume you mean you can do what you're product's MAIN feature is with that other product.  However in VisualSVN's case, well.....that's just not the case!

The Version 1.6 (November 20, 2008) release notes indicate as one of it's bullets, "VisualSVN is now compatible with Microsoft Expression Blend."   What does that one bullet mean to you?  What would YOU EXPECT to happen when you opened up Expression Blend 3 with a project under SVN source control?

VisualSVN now compatible with Expression Blend

Source Control integration with Blend3Expression Blend 3 now supports source control!  So what would YOU expect to happen when you're in Blend 3?  I'd expect something like this actually (similar user experience to using VisualSVN from within VS).  I'd expect to visually see if files are checked out, ready to be added, I expect to be able to commit changes, revert, update, etc.

Henry Ford and Model Ford T - any color as long as it's blackBut here are two little dirty secrets. One, Expression Blend 3 is source control friendly as long as your using TFS (ala Henry Ford and black Model Ford T).  Second, in an email I received today from VisualSVN Support, the meaning of "compatibility"  means you're now able to "open up those your projects in Blend."

Huh?  What?  Before VisualSVN 1.6, there was a known bug causing you not to be able to open up your projects in Blend if you had VisualSVN installed.  Since November, they fixed that, so you're now able to open up those solutions/projects now in Blend.  HUH?  What?  Oh, you mean "compatibility" now means you're now able to open the program originally designed to open up that project?  HUH?  WHAT?  That's not compatible, that's just a plain ol'bug fix!

What was the reason I was given for VisualSVN not being usable from within Blend?  Blend 3 doesn't support addins.  Huh?  What?  How are you compatible again?  If you're not even in the application, how can you say you're "compatible?"  Uh, hello.....'splain dat to me plez?!

Expression Blend 3 visualsvn google searchSo what's the big deal right?  You can certainly still check out, commit, revert, show history, etc using Windows Explorer, so what's the major malfunction here? 

Expression Blend 3 visualsvn google searchIn my opinion, that line in the release notes is just playing lying!  Why?  Cause when people do a Google search for "expression blend 3 source control" it looks like "VisualSVN is now compatible" and that very plain statement is misleading and just plain WRONG!  Check out the results for yourself!  The image on the right is the search I did tonight (11-25-2009) by clicking on the Google link, 10 of the 10 highest ranking links (100%!!!!!!!!!!) talk about VisualSVN. 

What does that tell you?  I tells me there certainly is some compatibility and integration between the two products.  Ya sure I'm reading a bit into the Google results, but honestly, what does 10 out of 10 search hits tell you?

Now, don't get me wrong, I love VisualSVN's integration with Visual Studio 2008!  VisualSVN is a great product, it's very cool!  But come on guys!  Get with it and stop the false advertising.

There!  Now that's over, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!




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3 comment(s) so far...

Re: Expression Blend 3 and VisualSVN integration (or the lack there of)

Shame on visualsvn... What source control works with blend 3 and 4?

By ddd on   Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:09 AM

Re: Expression Blend 3 and VisualSVN integration (or the lack there of)

To be fair (or trying LOL), it's been almost a year since this blog post. Let's see, Blend is now at 4, SVN has been updated and so has VisualSVN, VS as well actually. But in the same vein, I haven't actually tried this again, been waiting to instal the WP7 RTM tools actually. I have to try this again, thank you for finding and bringing this up again! I have to try this tonight.

To answer your question, what source control works? I'm not sure myself, BUT SVN does have Tortoise which has Windows Explorer integration. So although it's not COMPLETELY integrated into your IDE, you aren't SOL/left out in the cold for your source control. Doesn't help much, I'm sure, cause you probably already knew that last bit, but it's worth mentioning juuuust in case someone's new here.

Thanks ddd for finding, refreshing my memory (I have to try this tonight!) and for leaving me a comment! Much appreciated!

PS Is 'ddd' your first or middle name? :> Just kidding. Have a good one!

By phenry on   Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:13 AM

Re: Expression Blend 3 and VisualSVN integration (or the lack there of)

Hi ddd, I just tested this out tonight and it looks like there is nothing for Blend if you're using SVN. Unfortunate. The checkmarks, or locks up in the image above are comletely gone for me with Blend 4. I've read a bit about TFS is standard out of the box, but only TFS. Interesting.

Something to think about? If Blend is meant to be the "Designer" tool for "Designers", what kind of Designer knows how to use SVN Tortoise in Windows Explorer? Oh ya, I'm sure there are plenty out there, but isn't that the developer realm which Blend is supposed to protect Designers from?

Microsoft has been making BIG justifications for Blend saying it's by designers, for designers, etc...but even XAML has to be checked into source control to be build to be delivered to the client.

By phenry on   Tuesday, September 28, 2010 10:53 PM

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