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Tech Days Canada 2009 Ottawa (Day 2)

Dec 11

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Friday, December 11, 2009 9:21 PM  RssIcon

Tech Days Canada 2009 OttawaToday was the second and last day of Tech Days Canada 2009 Ottawa.  Read on for some pictures from Joey deVilla's track, Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform.

Tech Days Canada 2009 OttawaToday was the second and last day of Tech Days Canada 2009, Ottawa edition (Tech Days Canada 2009 Ottawa (Day 1) ).  Yesterday, the first day synopsis/pics has more details here.  The 2nd day looked like this.

Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform 

Maxime Rouiller Introducing ASP.NET MVC
Daniel Crenna SOLIDify Your Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Applications
Mario Cardinal Building RESTful Services using WCF
Edwin Sarmiento No Budget for Tools? No Problem! Hot Tools on a Limited IT Budget

The second day was split into MVC and REST Web Services and cheap, uh, uh...inexpensive tools.  The presentations were very interesting and well presented, I have to admit though, the last one by Edwin Sarmiento stood out to me and the other people with me (SB and BC).  Unfortunately Edwin had the last time slot of the day and of the show, so people were just spent.  He tried to get some interactions but it was difficult.  HOWEVER, we felt he did an awesome job of balancing technical material, humour, and audience participation.  He gave people what they wanted and more!  He's a great presenter IMHO and I look forward to seeing another presentation from him in the future.

Here are a few snapshots I took during the day today.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Stop making fun of us picture from Joey (Joey's Global Nerdy, My "Microsoft: Stop Making Fun of Us" slide)

Maxime Rouiller

 Daniel Crenna

 Daniel Crenna

 Edwin Sarmiento

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Tech Days this year!  Meeting some of the MS crew (Joey, Rodney), working closely with Colin, reconnecting with old friends (JoelH, ScottM, WesM, ChristianB, PeterB, EdS, JohnM) and meeting some new faces (Daniel, Edwin), it was a fantastic experience and I hope to be able to get another chance in the future to do again (and improve on my performance! LOL).  I even had someone come up to me and (re)introduce themselves and said they saw me at the Ottawa Code Camp this year!  Yong, if you're out there, VERY COOL MAN!  I was VERY surprised and quite humbled.

I'm looking back at what was the most exciting for me?  My Blend stuff, Colin's Win 7 User Experience and Mario's REST and WCF are my "TOP 3" right now.  Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


Global Nerdy: Scenes from TechDays Ottawa

PCHenry: Tech Days Canada 2009 Ottawa (Day 1)

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