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Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Beta 2 Install Review

Jan 13

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 9:47 PM  RssIcon

Visual Studio 2010Tonight I decided to take the plunge and install Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Beta 2.  Read on for my review and storyboard of screen caps.

Visual Studio 2010Tonight, I figured enough was enough!  It was time I got on the bandwagon like everyone else and started playing with VS2010!  OK, OK, so not EVERYONE's doing it, but a lot of people are.  I LOVE my Visual Studio IDE, so I figured now was as good a time as any to start playing with and getting used to the next version!  What follows next is a storyboard of what you can expect if YOU decide to play with it too!

If you're the kind of person who just cuts to the chace, you can click here to skip to the conclusions section.

First, let's start off with downloading the product (currently in Beta 2).  When you see that page, click Download the beta now button, then the Start Download button.  There are other options on that page, but if you just want to get to code ASAP, this is the quickest way.

After downloading a small (~5MB) web installer program, you're ready to start the install.  Take a deep breath, this IS a beta product ya know?!  Ok, there, you double clicked the vs_proweb.exe file, now what?  Well, you're going to get pinged with the standard install screens to start.

The first is loading install components.

Loading install components

Then, Loading completed, click next to continue.

 Loading completed, click next to continue

Then, you'll be asked the standard lawyer's cra..... uh, uh, license stuff, ya, that's it, license stuff.  Notice on the left, VC 9 only comes in 32bit while VC 10 comes in both 32 and 64 bit?  Also, it picked up my box is running a x64 ver of Win7 for the prerequisites.  Another interesting note, look at the bottom left, notably the comment about the "valid 25-character product key, where prompted."  There was no prompts in the version I installed.

Lawyer stuff

Then, you're asked for the standard Full or Custom install.  Being the control freak I am over my computer (hey, I paid for it with my own hard earned $), I always pick Custom.

Type of install

Next you'll see the options I picked.  Now, I just wanted to get to C# code as quickly as I possibly could, that might help make sense of the options I picked below.  I figured those were the minimum I needed for C# and web dev.  Some things to notice here, cause well, I did, I purposely unchecked F#, Office dev tools, SQL Server Express and SharePoint dev tools.  Remember, I just want to get to the IDE asap!

Install options for C# stuff

Remember, up above when we downloaded the ~5MB installer program?  Well, now is where you start to see things slow down a bit with respect to the installer.  What I mean is, next, the setup program is going to start downloading everything it needs, or thinks it needs.  This will take a long time no matter what kind of connection you're using (unless your on the Uber-Super-Expressly-Fast-Bell Dialup............. yes, I am being sarcastic LOL).

Downloading progress

After a while, you'll see the first column all go green, then the setup program will indeed START setting things up.

Installing components

This is where things start to diverge from past setup/install processes I've done.  It's not bad, juuuuuust different. Whether I should, or need, or have to restart my box just because I'm installing a new .NET framework is probably to be debated (and something I think they shouldn't need to do IMHO).

Restarting the computer - HUH?

Well, at least after the restart, it picks up automagically right from where it left off.  Phew!  However, something happened which I'm uneasy about.  I wasn't quick enough to grab a screen cap about it when it happened, but the setup program reported a green checkmark for the F# install.  HUH?  What?  I specifically told you up above (remember??????  the "CUSTOM" part of the "Custom Install"?!?!?!?!?!?).  So why is the setup program installing F#?  And if it's NOT installing it (as in just skipping over it), maybe it should have another indicator?

Restarts from where it left off, but, uh, I told it NOT to install F#

Something else that made me do a double-take, was the installation, or at least, the perception of installing tools I don't necessarily want, like the Entity Framework Tools.  What if I'm using NHibernate for .NET or my own home grown EF?  Why do I have to install theirs?  Oh well, ok, enough of that negative stuff, let's hope this finishes soon.  At this point, the setup program has taken about half an hour (~30m).

But what if I have my own EF tools?

AHA!  THERE WE GO!  Success Visual Studio 2010 setup is complete!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!  Uh....hhmmm...Uh....hello.... What's that red-X on the left?  When I clicked on the Error Log link, it was a text file that popped up indicating to me I had an existing older version of Silverlight installed.  Weird, it's as current as I can find on Microsoft, and Windows 7 update seems to agree with me since there's nothing in there to update.  OH well, another one of those kinks that'll hopefully get worked out when VS 2010 ships.

Bitter sweet success

hhhmmm this isn't done yet, check out what's lurking in the background?  hhmmm things that make you go hhhhhmmmm?????

But was it really a success

At this point, I started the process of getting the docs (figured it would be a good idea), this install looks like a new process.  From the above dialog, click the Install Documentation button that only looks like a button but is really just an HTML image (or so it just looks like that when you click it, ie. it's NOT a WPF/SL fancy button).

Getting the docs

Next, you "Add" which content you want to go get.

Find content online

I figured I'd get the VS docs at a minimum.

Find content online

Once you click the Update button, you get a new progress dlg.

A new progress dialog

By this point, I was growing impatient and I wasn't going to wait for another 40 "packages" to download.  Remember, I just want to get to code, I want to see the cool new IDE, the WPF editor, the slick new Visual Studio!

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Here we go!  Let's see what we get in the Start Menu.

Visual Studio 2010 in the Start Menu

After you click the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - ENU link, you'll be prompted to setup your environment.  The key here is, if you've customized VS 2008, you probably want those settings automagically carried over to your slick new VS 2010 environment right?  So make sure you keep the Migrate eligible settings from previous version.... checked (it's the default, just double check it is checked).

Choose default environment settings

Juuuuuuuuuuuust a few moments more..........

Configuring Visual Studio settings

THEEEEEEEEERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Houston we have LIFT OFF!  BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BONUS!  YAHOO!

Visual Studio 2010 for the first time on my box

Of course, it's not THAT impressive, so let's open up some code!  That's what I wanted to do in the first place right?

Get used to seeing this more

There you have it!  That's the install process for Visual Studio 2010.  Blow by blow, dialog by dialog, good'n'bad and all the beauty marks and the birth marks too!  

Visual Studio 2010Conclusions

Overall the install is quite smooth.  I just hope Microsoft irons out some of the quirks with pre-existing software and not installing tools I already have and/or don't want.  The video below (install vid from Channel 9) said it took him 30m to install VS 2010.  If you've ALREADY downloaded everything, ya sure, maybe!  But if you're starting from scratch, you should expect to incur some downloading time (whether you download the entire thing, or use the web installer, some how, some way, you have to get the software down to your box to install it).

Sometime later this week I hope to blog about my first impressions with using Visual Studio 2010.  I hope you'll come back for that.  Now that I have VS 2010 installed, it's time to go grab a coffee and get coding!



Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 main site: download links

Channel 9: 10-4 Episode 33: Downloading and Installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2



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Re: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Beta 2 Install Review

Found on Jason Haley's Interesting Finds: January 14, 2010,

Much appreciated and I hope people find it useful!

By phenry on   Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:22 PM

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