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What do YOU do in your spare time?

Jan 20

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:40 PM  RssIcon

Mine BlastWhat do You do in your spare time?  Read on for what a buddy of mine (SG) does in HIS spare time!  I think you'll be QUITE impressed!

Mine BlastWhat do YOU do in your spare time?  Do you play vids?  Surf the web?  Woodworking?  You friends with Lee Valley?  You know all the best Wii Fit power moves? 

Well, a buddy of mine (SG) decided to "step outside his comfort zone" and develop a game on a COMPLETELY different platform!  No, no, he's not going to the "dark side" and do Java apps!  LOL  No, he's gone even further than that!  He's decided to try his hand at building iPhone games!  Well, he's starting with one called Mine Blast and I think he's got a real winner on his hands, literally!  (it's an iPhone/iTouch remember, in your hands.......get it?  theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere ya go! LOL)

Now, I'm not an Apple guy (surprise, surprise, surprise), BUT he's talked about soooooo many new and cool things, I can certainly see the attractiveness to try something new (and yes CI and SB, I will deny I said this about Apple dev! LOL).  He's gone in with both feet, hardware, company registration, tax #s, Apple Store registrations, etc, the whole nine yards!  And it shows in this game.  If you're interested in checking this out, check out the vid Mine Blast video (very well done IMHO!).

So what's the big deal?  Well, what do YOU do in your spare time to better yourself?  Me?  I try to play with Visual Studio and try to help out with ODNC (study groups and other cool things).  Ya, I agree, nothing in comparison to my buddy SG, but then again, this isn't a competition.  The question to ask yourself is, what are YOU doing to better yourself this year?



Mine Blast website (game news, solutions, etc)

small differences: The new garage entrepreneur 

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