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WTF: why do we need/want another tool for WPF dev?

Aug 28

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Thursday, August 28, 2008 12:48 PM  RssIcon

With the introduction of Microsoft's next generation smart client called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), they also introduced some news tools.  YAHOO!  But is it really that exciting to find out you actually have to do more work than you used to with WinForms.  WTF?

I was reading another blog entry (Chris Love - Visual Studio Next Wish List) and something I read there peaked my interest!  He's hit the WTF right on the head with this one, having multiple tools for something that should be integrated is just a waste of effort!  It's an INTEGRATED Development Environment after all, isn't it?


Better WPF Design Experience – I have to wonder why we actually need Blend for Designing WPF layouts. Why can’t we have a richer designing experience in the development environment?

From the first time I saw WPF presented, I thought it was very cool!  The only thing was, in the next breath, the MS demo guy flips over to Expression Blend to start making changes.  WTF?  That's what VS is for!  DON'T MAKE ME USE MULTIPLE TOOLS!  Hey, isn't that what we used to have in the days with source control tools?  Aren't they integrated into our IDEs now?  Hey, even JBuilder/NetBeans/Eclipse have that!  Even VS05 and VS03 had great design surfaces INSIDE THE TOOL!

At the DevTeach WPF pre-Conference session, Kevin McNeish was demoing an iPhone implemenation in WPF.  Of course we went off on a tangent of WPF having separate tools.  There were some people who loved the tools being separated but there were also about half who thought it was just a plain dumb idea.  If it's indeed necessary, cool, create another product but make sure they use the same codebase and that you can edit the UI from within the tool you live'n'breathe in!  Right now, the UI design surface in VS is at best a sham and everywhere you read tells you to go get the Expression Blend beta to do any serious UI design.

VisualStudio rocks, let's make sure it keeps rock'n!

PS Even Scott Hanselman interviews a developer and designer who comment on this.

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