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What's the layman's take on the current "smart phone" market?

Feb 10

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 11:33 PM  RssIcon

Smart phonesAre you confused with the dizzying array of different smart phone options out there?  Smart phones ("cell phones" is so 90s! DOH!).  Read on for one layman's take on the market.

Smart phonesDo you have a "cell phone?"  Oh, sorry, Smart you have a Smart Phone?  If it's so smart, why does it cost so much freak'n money to use it every month?  Oh, cause it's so smart?  NNNAAAAAA, it's cause the companies making them want you to THINK they are so smart.  Here's one layman's take on the "Smart Phone" market.  Correct me if I'm wrong here (via comments)...but.... 

 BlackBerry on your hip BlackBerry users carry their phones on their belts, and iPhone users never do that, they always carry them in their hands or pockets, everyone's got "protectors" for them.
 Cracked screen I've heard of ONE person's iPhone screen crack, and I heard about it third hand (a friend of a friend's kind of thing).  I've heard of countless others cracking their other smart phones.  Does Apple use titanium in their screens?  Yes, that's a joke, I have no idea how they make their screens.  Or maybe people are just more careful with them?
Ballmer keynote speaker at MWC 2010  Microsoft has had so many kicks at the "mobile marketplace" can, they should just get it over with, buy RIM, put .NET on the bloody thing and BE DONE WITH IT!  No, instead they're going to go it alone....AGAIN!!!!!  I highly doubt Balsillie's would ever let MS buy them out.  I think Balsillie's got a better chance of getting and NHL team than letting MS buy out RIM (on a personal note, I really do hope he gets a team in Hamilton, if there were ever a place deserving, Hamilton's paid their dues over and over and over again, but I digress).
 Aisles of an airplane Just four years ago, when your airplane pulled up to the gate, everyone pulled out their BlackBerry, turned it on and started checking email.  Today, the same behaviour, just with a different device (iPhone).  Four years ago, I was on a business trip, and people were as passionate about their BlackBerry's in Europe as they were in North America.  Just two years after the iPhone release, I can't believe how many friend's of mine have one, it's astonishing!
 iPhone Apple right now, is the technological and legal equivalent of....well..... drug dealers!  They hook you with cheap stuff ($199 phone) but kill you on the 3yr contracts!  The thing is, people are dying to get into these things!  I still can't believe it!  AND, what I see happening more and more often is, people LOVE their iPhones, and move on up to the really hard stuff, iMacs or MacBooks!  Once they get their first hit, THEIR HOOKED!
 Apple With a contract, the iPhone is $199 (3GS), without contract is $699...HUH?  WTF?  The iPod Touch is $199, since when does the cell phone + camera + GPS antenna cost $500?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?  WTF?  Last I saw, Rogers and Bell were GIVING phones away with those capabilities, how can Apple JUSTIFY charing those kinds of premiums?  Oh ya, they're Apple.  DUH.  OH man.
 I love my cell phone button iPhone owners have a HUGE emotional attachment to their devices, BlackBerry owners have a "it's a tool to help me do my job" approach to theirs.  Very different points of view.
 Out of your own wallets People who have "work phones" are most likely using BlackBerrys, BUT I see that changing. More often, I hear people saying "ya, I have this BB for work, but if I was to get my own phone I would get the iPhone and get work to pay for my contracts."  I forsee people buying their own phones to get the easy of use THEY want instead of their work dictating what they use.  We're already seeing that with people buying and using their own laptops at work.
 iPhone docking station The iPhone comes with a USB cable (with proprietary connector) to connect the phone to the computer....but did you know if you wanted to use your phone with a docking station, you have to buy ANOTHER cable.  What I mean is, the iPhone base/dock is JUST the docking station, no cord.  So if you wanted use the base at work, and the cord you get with the iPhone at home, you need to buy ANOTHER CORD!  Which is another item to purchase.  So if you wanted to "connect your iPhone to two different computers without taking any cables with you" will cost you over $90!
 Older Mac 20 years ago, Apple priced themselves SO high above PCs (back in the XT and AT days, remember them?), but now a days, their "introductory pricing" involves the iPhone!  People are buying them, loving them, and thinking "hhhmmm I need a new machine for Windows 7 ANYWAYS, why not at least consider an Apple, they're practically the same price."
 Microsoft Mobile 7 Ballmer is going to be the keynote speaker at the Mobile World Conference 2010 next week.  Uh, someone should just tell him to stay home IMHO.  Why?  How many times is Microsoft going to screw up their mobile strategy?  They're on..what...version 7 now?  Granted, it takes them a version or two to get things dialed in right, but once they do, BINGO, BOINGO, BONGO!  They're FANTASTIC!  Just not with the mobile market.  How many people do you know how actually own a Zune?  Thought so!  Oh Ya, and that's right, THAT's what MS is basing their next mobile strategry on, the Zune.  WTF?
 iPhone complete reference How is MS going to know when they have Windows Mobile 7 just right?  Apparently, it's when it's "iPhone complete."  WTF?  If the bar you're aiming for is the iPhone, why would anyone want it?  If I want an iPhone.....DUH.....uhhhhh I'll buy and iPhone!!!!!  You have to be better, much, Much, MUCH BETTER than the iPhone!  Remember, they have a two years head start on you!  Yes, you caught up to Java, but, this ain't no Java!
 Silverlight Windows Mobile 7 is apparently going to have Silverlight (YAHOO!) on the phone, but only out of browser experience (BBBOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!).  No flash, just like the iPhone, no backwards compatibility, just like the iPhone, no flash...wait for it.....JUST LIKE THE iPhone......rinse, repeat, read the previous point!  If I want an iPhone, I'll buy an iPhone.
 Windows Mobile 7 launch? The speculation for the earliest release is Sept 2010, so, reality, more like Christmas, in time for the Boxing Day sales!  But come on!  MS, you're SO afraid of the iPhone, you're going to annouce vapourware?  Ya, ya, you do that all the time, but it's REALLY starting to get old!  At least with Jobs announced the iPad, he was two months away from delivery!

So now that you have a bit of a leg up on the mobile market, it's time to grab a coffe and get back to what we know, C#, Visual Studio 2008 and coding!

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