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Small chinks in Apple iPod Touch's armour?

Feb 24

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:41 PM  RssIcon

Apple iPod TouchGoing on a week and a half of using my Apple iPod Touch and I'm starting to see some flaws.  Read on for more details.

Apple iPod TouchGoing on a week and a half of using my Apple iPod Touch and I'm starting to see some chinks in the shiny armour of this tool.

The biggest issue I'm finding is the inability to sync with more than one computer!  What's the problem?  I like to use the best tools for the job at hand, that means using Outlook, with a full size monitor and keyboard for my Calendar, Notes and Contacts management.  Then I sync up with the Touch, go on the road and use the Touch for updates, then I want to go home and update on my home computer where, again, I can use Outlook's BIG monitor and keyboard again!

Tonight, I tried it, and MAN, am I frustrated!  Why?  Cause I JUST duplicated ALL of my tasks on my home machine BACK onto my Touch, AFTER having deleted them from the Touch cause I've completed them!!!!!!!!  CRAP MAN!

Another hiccup?!  Adding multiple calendars to sync things up.  As soon as you add your work calendar, and sync, then sync again, the sync program will move the work events to the Touch (good so far), but upon the NEXT sync, will move them ALL BACK INTO OUTLOOK into your personal calendar AGAIN!!!!!!!  No, don't try to reason with me, TRY IT OUT FIRST!  Add another calendar, try it, now try sncing four time!  Yes, you have to do it multiple times to get this "steps to reproduce" bug to exhibit itself.  And NO, this is not one of those "edge test cases" QA talks about, this the regular use pattern!  Remember, all I'm doing is synching my calendar, over and over again, something you SHOULD be able to do without fear.

I know I have a lot to learn about the Touch, but I guess I had higher hopes for the sync program.  The biggest problem I'm seeing here is the inability to use Outlook's screen real estate and full size keyboard on multiple computers and the Touch for updates because of it's ultra portability.

Now that's off my chest, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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