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Another chink in the iPod Touch armour

Feb 24

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 11:50 PM  RssIcon

iPod TouchYet ANOTHER speed bump on the road to replacing my Day Timer with my iPod Touch.

iPod TouchTonight I found ANOTHER major problem on my road to replace my Day Timer with my iPod Touch.  Now, I'm pretty good with keeping track of people's birthday's and anniversaries, well I've always tracked them with my Day Timer (pen'n'pencil).  With my Touch, I figured AWESOME!  I can enter bdays and anns into Outlook and then let the computer/Touch tell me the next time something comes up!  WHAT A CONCEPT EH?  Ya, "Welcome to the 21st century Mr. Henry!"  LOL

The ability to enter in a birthday/anniversary dates is important (pretty key eh? LOL) , but EQUALLY as important is the REMINDERS, and the reminders you can just TRUST you're going to get!  Otherwise what's the point??!?!?!!??!?!??  If I can't trust my PDA, then I have to ask WTF is it good for?  What's the point of putting info into it if it's not going to tell you about them?!?!??  Missing even ONE date is NOT acceptable!  That is inexcusable IMHO.

Let me clarify the situation.  The 172 Contact's birthday and anniversaries are all in Outlook (in contacts and in calendar), and they are all in the Touch's Contact app.  It's the associated events in the Calendar app on the iPod Touch which seems to be missing some, but only some of the reminders.  That's just wrong.  Which ones?  I don't know, all I know is when I spot check (no, I don't trust the damn thing!) it's not doing it's job!

Oh, and just in case you're saying "oh just go Google it"....hhhmmm....... can I smack you?  I've been F@#$%^G googling it all FREAK'N night and the BEST I can find is some German VBS to read/delete/save/edit/save all your contatcts.  WTF?  What kind of FREAK'N solution is that?   Oh, and NO, using the Info tab, Advanced section and checking off Contacts, Calendars to replace information on this iPod won't work.  Tried it with the many permutations and combinations.

Come on, seriously?  I really expected more than that!  Man, I'm really ticked at the moment.  It's time for a coffee and get back to coding.

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