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WARNING! iPhone/Touch users, be VERY careful with your Calendar Events!!!! Chances are high you're not seeing the whole picture!

Feb 25

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Thursday, February 25, 2010 1:14 AM  RssIcon


FREAK'N FRUSTRATEDEDIT: Skip to UPDATE for potential solution.

For the last week, I've been working VERY hard at replacing my Day Timer.  Well, tonight I've NEARLY had it!  I've found lots of small, little issues I can deal with.  Things like using Outlook to enter in appointment/events cause typing on the iPod Touch for longer than 30s just isn't conducive to civility!  Things like having to use Outlook to holidays into the Calendar, ya, I can live with these things.  But what good is a DAY TIMER if you can't trust the Calendar.  Kind of important, wouldn't you say?

I'm not a gamer, so the accelerometer and whiz-bang todoodle dee-twiddle'em high jumping games don't do it for me.  What DOES do it for me though, is tracking my Contact's birthdays and event's correctly!  I'm mean come on!  How difficult can it be for a computer to figure out when you remind of an upcoming birthday?  APPARENTLY REALLY F@#$%^@!#$%^G HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There's an outstanding issue with syncing Microsoft Outlook with iPod Touch/iPhone Calendars for over a freak'n year!!!!!  WTF?

Ya, there are LOTS of help links out there.  Tell iTunes to reset sync data, rename a resync directory, check off the Advanced options to force iTunes to sync again....oh and here's my favourite, it's Outlook's fault and you need to export, delete and resave all of your appointment data!  WTF?  Oh, and by doing that, you also have the BONUS of losing all the recurring data!!!!!!!  DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read here for further details.

Another chink in the iPod Touch armour

and here

Small chinks in Apple iPod Touch's armour?

The main thrust with getting this "productivity tool" was to uh......BE PRODUCTIVE!!!!!!!!!  But when I'm second guessing every day, wondering if I'm missing anybody's birthday or other IMPORTANT APPOINTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It gets to a point (and it's only been a week for me) where second guessing is just too much!  I'm juuuuust at that tipping point now actually!  This is so bad, there's really no point of bringing my Touch with me tomorrow until this is fixed. 

Ironic, my trusty Day Timer for the last 20y is there to save the day.  "Welcome to the 21st century Mr. Henry."  Ya..........right!

UPDATE - To Fix Touch Calendar Screw UpPotential (and CRAPPY) Solution!!!!!  Ya, an update at 2:00FREAK'N-AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

There seems to be some type of major malfunction with the age of the Contact when the Touch figures out what/how to add to the Calender. 

Huh?  Since the iPhone/Touch can't understand a date without a year, for people I don't know what year they were born, BUT I do know their birth date, I put in a sentinel value/year of 1900.  ALL of those birthdays aren't showing up in my Touch Calendar!!!!!!!!!!!  When I started changing the years to 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940....BINGO!!!!!!!!!!  NOW it's showing up after the sync!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh no, crap!  This smells an aweful lot like Y2K all over again???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Moral of this story?  Don't live to be over 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DOH!

To try this fix, you'll need to open up Outlook, sort your contacts by Birthday (and then repeat for Anniversary), check out ANY dates < 1940, hit F2, and change it.  Resync and watch in amazement how it (hopefully) shows up in our Calendar.  Now, WTF do we do next year or the year after that?  NO IDEA!



PS  Another major malfunction I have with the Touch is the INABILITY to cleanly and intuitively sync with my home AND work computer!!!!!!!!!!  I either end up multiple calendars, duplicate/triplicate entries, never ending sync conflicts (which consequently show NO DIFFERENCES), or complete deletions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GGGRRRRRRR

Now can you start to see why I'm so frustrated?

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