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Introducing a new measurement index, the PTI

Feb 26

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Friday, February 26, 2010 9:41 PM  RssIcon

High PTI = High Power Towel IndexIf you're a company president, or CTO, CFO, CEO, COO, or some other C-uh-oh acronym, then you probably are familiar with KPIs.  I'm introducing another index called the PTI.  Read on for details about this index for the rest of us.

High PTI = High Power Towel IndexAre you an MBA person?  Chances are you've heard about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  At our company we're lucky to have a relatively open management structure and they periodically give us a peek into how good (or hopefully not so often, bad) we're doing!  Now, I understand these things are important to the big guns at every company.  But hey, I'm a geek, a dev, a bit-head if you will.  I think I'm lucky cause our prez  knows this and gives us/me juuuuust the right amount of info I need to keep my anxieties at bay and keep me focused on helping my boss (and by association the prez LOL) looking good!

That's all cool!  But something I've noticed in the last few jobs I've had lately points me to introducing another index for the average-Joe.  I introduce you to the Paper Towel Index, yes the PTI! 

WTF is the PTI, let me explain.  First off, this index hinges on the bathroom, more specifically, the amount of paper "shreds" left on the floor by the time the end of the day comes around.  The more paper shreds left on the floor, the more people are pissed off at the company. On average, if the bathroom is relatively clean, then chances are very good, people like where they work and who they work with.  The higher the index, then chances are greater people just don't care anymore.  They just don't give a darn about picking up after themselves, nor do they care about other's they work with.

Low PTI = Low Power Towel Index

Why is that?  Think about it for a moment....everyone dries their hands and sometimes little shreds of paper fall down.  What do you do?  Pick'em up?  Or do you leave them there?  The PTI indicates, if you care enough about your company's image and respect the people you work with, you'll pick them up.  If you don't......well.....after the end a long day at the office things end up "dirty."

Therefore, if you're part of upper management, make sure you pay a bit more attention to the bathroom.  It could be telling you a bit more about your company's mental health than you think! 

Now that you can easily measure your PTI, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


PS  If you don't have paper towels at your office and use dryers, the Toilet Paper Index (TPI) is just as good, maybe even more?!

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