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I think I found my first WP7 API bug?

Mar 18

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Thursday, March 18, 2010 12:01 AM  RssIcon

Possible bug with DateTime.NowYup, I think I found a bug in the way WP7 DateTime.Now function works.  Read on for more details.

Possible bug with DateTime.NowInteresting.  I think I found a potentail bug with the DateTime.Now API found in WP7. 

Last weekend we advanced our clocks one hour due to Daylight Savings Time (DST)  ("Spring ahead, fall back").  Well tonight, I was playing with another blog, and started playing around with the DateTime.Now in a TextBlock, but interestingly, the times didn't match my Windows 7 time (arrows on the right).  Odd, the times are exactly one hour off.....hhhhhmmmm DST bug maybe?

What's interesting is that DateTime.Now API has been around for a while now (MSDN Link) and it's a pretty simple thing to do, so maybe this is simply an oversight? 

Possible bug with DateTime.Now in code

If it is indeed a bug, I doubt it'll last for very long!  And if that's the case, then maybe Microsoft will contact me so I can do one of those "WP7 was my idea!" commercials?  Ok, ok, so maybe not, but you can't blame a geek for trying?! LOL

Now that's out in the open, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding.

UPDATE 03-18-2010: This is indeed a bug and was confirmed by Danny Chen and Abhinaba Basu from MSFT.  Very cool!  They know about it now, and I'm sure they'll have a fix out fast (hopefully before the Leafs win their next Stanely Cup?  DOH! LOL).



MSDN: DateTime.Now Property

Source Code:

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