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Does your company have an iPhone/WP7/BB app yet?

Mar 23

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010 8:13 PM  RssIcon

OBJ iPhone application

In '95, CEOs thought having a web page was nuts!  Maybe even silly.  Today, would you take a company seriously without a webpage?  In a few years, will the same will be said about mobile applications?

OBJ iPhone applicationThink about all the tools you use at work which are considered common place today, BUT in their inception were foreign or completely revolotionary to the business world?  Things like the telephone, vmail, cell phones, computers, even company webpages were all revolutionary at one time.  At one time, it was considered a competetive advantage to have a web page, a "web presence!"  Would you even take a company seriously today if they didn't have a  Ya, I didn't think so.

Then why are some people/CEOs/CFOs/president's balking at the idea of creating mobile applications?  I've talked to lots of people over the last few months about mobile applications, and the most common response I get is, "na, my company's application doesn't suite the mobile market well."  hhhmmm so what you're really saying there, bonehead, is you just aren't trying hard enough!  Or maybe you just don't quite "get it?!"  Either way, you're probably old enough to remember when Assembly was cool, doh, ok, soryy, low blow.  But seriously, most kids now a days are texting MORE than they are calling.  Mobile devices are the in thing now, computers are just another tool they have to use for school.  OH and we all KNOW how much kids LOVE school?!?!?!??!  LOL

What's there NOT to get?  Companies like the Ottawa Business Journal announced today even THEY have an iPhone application.  They get it!  I think by next year (mid-2011), companies without a mobile application (at least one) will appear (at least to their customers) to be behind the curve.  Face it, if you don't have mutliple mobile apps, are you really with the times?  If you're a company president, why not check in on a training session your company is giving, at break time, see what's the FIRST thing people do?  Ya, they check their BlackBerries, iPhones, or other cell phone for vmail/email/etc.

If you are like some of those "other people" who think they're apps "won't port well to the phone," you just aren't seeing the marketing opportunities, nor the opportunities to extend OUTSIDE your current market place.  You aren't seeing the chances to reach out and touch new people.  I mean seriously!  How hard does YOUR marketing department work to gain "eyeballs" on your website?  Or spending BIG $$$$ on consultants increasing SEO rankings?

Available on the iPhone App StoreI have one quick story to tell which even surprised me!  In the brief time I had my Apple iPod Touch, when ever I would see a TV commercial, or a company webpage with the little "Available on the iPhone App Store" logo, you can BET, that was the very next thing I did!  Yup, I'd immediately whip out my Touch and start looking for it.  Partly cause it was cool, and partly to see what they were doing........hhhhhhhmmmmmmm isn't that marketing hard at work?  Yup, I got SUCKERED IN, I KNEW it and I was loving it!  

Below is a quick listing of iPhone apps which I found.  Some of questionable use/functionality, but that's not the point.  They were a presence in the marketplace! 

If you're STILL wondering what you need a mobile app for, ask yourself, what kind of info do you have on your webpage?  Company contact information, news, events, a map, maybe even a blog.  At a minimum, those are perfect to start with.  Once you get that working, then you can expand where your customers tell you. 

But then again, if you think that's just not worth your efforts?  Hey, maybe you also think COBOL's cool and still in vogue? HAHA

Now that I've tried to convince you to make a mobile application, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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3 comment(s) so far...

Re: Does your company have an iPhone/WP7/BB app yet?

You forgot :)

By Shane on   Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:37 PM

Re: Does your company have an iPhone/WP7/BB app yet?

OH MAN!!!!! See, that last comment from Shane hurt! Why? Cause I have a personal policy for my blog, ANY comment that's not spam/selling watches/swearing, I accept (man, I hope I don't regret admitting that), and accepting something, ANYTHING from the Senators just goes against my very person! AND I also have to say Thank you for leaving a comment, oh man, I think every knuckled cracked typing THAT out!

DOH MAN! Oh, and no, I DIDN'T forget about the Sens, including last night's win you guys did over my team, and a shut out none-the-less (another OUCHIE!).

By phenry on   Tuesday, March 23, 2010 9:41 PM

Re: Does your company have an iPhone/WP7/BB app yet?

Ironic, today, the day after I wrote this, I read in the Ottawa Sun, ING Direct launches their BlackBerry and iPhone app. (

I didn't realize last night there is also a mobile apps for Scotiabank (BlackBerry and iPhone). (,1608,CID13363_LIDen,00.html)

By phenry on   Wednesday, March 24, 2010 11:55 AM

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