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Sometimes you just have to ignore the naysayers!

Mar 25

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Thursday, March 25, 2010 7:57 PM  RssIcon

Thumbs downHave you tried to bounce a GREAT idea off of someone only to hear a " can't do that."  Read on about why sometimes you SHOULD just ignore them!

Thumbs downHave you ever had a "OH WOW!!!!!!  That's an fantastic idea, I just have to tell someone!" moment?  Then when you FINALLY talk to someone, they do one of these..."hhhhhmmmmm yyyyaaaaa, you can't do that."  Been there, dealt with that?

The last time I had one of these was a few weeks ago.  No, didn't feel too particularly good I tell ya.  Actually, kind of blows doesn't it?!  Amazing how someone like that can take the wind out of your sails.  More than a few times, I've had a boss/manager/supervisor treat me like that.  Nice eh?  Ya, real nice Mr. Manager!  Aren't you supposed to be SUPPORTIVE?!  You dic.......hhhhmmm uh, ya..... sorry, tangent there, forgive me........ DOH

I have to ask you, do you REALLY think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Scott McNealy, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Ada Lovelace or the guy who invented Velcro, the radio, the colour TV, cell phones, had to deal with people like that?  YOU BET THEY DID!  And probably to a deafening screams of "It'll NEVER work!"  or "Are you stupid?"  Or my favourite "You're wasting your time."

Well, I'm here to say, if you really do believe in your idea.....GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!  That's the first step!  Are you full of conviction to see it through?  Are you convinced to the core your idea is ROCK SOLID, DESIREABLE AND SOUND?  YES ALL CAPS....are you FULL OF CAPS-LOCKS PASSION FOR YOUR IDEA????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then here's my advice, if you are truely, honestly, to your inner most core convinced it's a GREAT/FANTASTIC/MAGICAL idea, what's holding you back?  Money?  Time?  Excuses I say!

At work, I saw a coworker (SB) "whip" up a demo of a prototype version of our product.  He was convinced it was such a good idea, he ignored all the naysayers, bulldozed ahead, made no excuses, and a few weeks ago, demoed a fantastic prototype.  He completely understood it as a "prototype" in every sense of the word (throw away code/program), BUT he didn't let that stop him.  He learned a BOAT load of new things (new APIs, frameworks, techniques to name a few) AND he showed management he was convinced in our company's stability to try pitching it.  I also feel it shows management a few things about what's possible with other tools/frameworks out there which they may not have experienced in the same ways presented in that demo.  It was very cool to participate in the discussions afterwards.  It probably brought up more questions than answered, BUT isn't that what prototypes are supposd to do?  OH ya, and also, the guy learned a BOAD load about WPF in the process!  Not a bad benefit.  No, he didn't get a promotion/raise but he did get a few "KUDOS!" from his manager and coworkers!  And as a geek, isn't that cool?  Learning the new APIs is cool too!

Mine BlasAnother personal story?  My boss (SG) created a game for the iPhone.  He had an urge, an itch if you will, to try his hand at making a cool game for the iPhone, and in the process learn about Macs in general.  To talk to him throughout the process was too cool!  He was beaming with excitement and enthusiasm!  It was refreshing to see that kind of passion!  Did he make his millions?  Well, he's still my boss, but he didn't get into it to make a million bucks.  He did it to learn!

I used to work with people who would SAY they want to get certified in something.  One time this happened with someone wanting to get certified in Java.  To this day, they haven't done one lick of Java outside of office hours.  Ya, sure, you're really gonna get that cert there!

Maybe your idea is a computer program?  Or maybe some type of new tool for the construction industry, or a new tax vehicle you think you could help increase pensioners with more income?  Who knows?  Well, if you're convinced your idea is THAT good......YOU KNOW!  And it's up to you to think of all the different ways you can bring that glorious idea to life!  If it's something that gives you passion, you have to fuel it!  You owe it to yourself to go with it.

Now, I'm not saying you have to blindly plow ahead and misguidingly spend money with complete disregard for being frugal!  I'm not saying to quit your day job that's paying your mortgage and helping to make your car/food/cable payments.  NO!  I'm saying you have to wield your passion!  You MIGHT have to do some extra work after hours when you're tired and not really feeling up to it.  But hey, i'ts your passion right? 

SmileyLet me ask you this.....IF you can, after a complete day at work, then putting the kids to bed, continue to put in another few hours on something, then I think it's safe to assume THAT passion is driving you through the fatigue to help you learn, explore and achieve!  Good for you!  Keep it up!  And good luck cause the chances are very slim in winning the lottery, BUT the chances of loving what you're doing when it's your passion, well.....that's a sure thing! 

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding.  I have a great idea I want to explore a bit more!


PS  There is no monetary/financial guarantees tied/associated with this post.  If you lose your house in the process of bringing you idea to market, I'm sorry but that's something you have to live with.  This is meant to be a motivational blog post only.  Spending your own (and other people's) money wisely is up to you.  I just hope you do it wisely.

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