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Are you signing up for the Mobile developer program for the WP7?

Apr 3

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Saturday, April 03, 2010 2:24 PM  RssIcon

Windows PhoneI did, and now I'm able to create and release Windows Phone 7 applications!  SWEET!  Read on for how you to can become part of the next mobile appication wave!

Windows Phone

COOL!  After two weeks, I'm now officially part of the "Mobile developer program."  The biggest advantage of being part of the program is the ability to release my "WP7 flashlight application!" HAHAHA  Hey, it just seems to be the new "Hello World!" app for the 21st century.  But seriously, you have to be part of the program to release apps to the general WP7 public.

Mobile developer program

If you're also interested in creating and releasing Windows Phone 7 applications, you have two steps, order of operations depends on you, but you'll need to do both.

For us developers, the first bullet is probably the funnest, right?  After all, that's where we want to be spending our time, in Visual Studio, designing, coding, hitting F6 to compile, then F5 to debug and run.  But eventually, you'll need to register on the Marketplace site in order to release your apps.  You still have sometime before MS starts allowing WP7 apps onto the online store, but why wait?  Well, I usually do, but I didn't want to procrastinate on this one! 

So what's the deal?  The hardest part is, well, parting with the $99US or $120CA to be part of the program.

Marketplace registration

Once you click on the Register link, pump in all your info, pay your money, etc, you'll see your status in the Dashboard page under the Account Overview.  Chances are, you'll have a red X for the Primary email verified and Publisher identify verified.  The first email one is easy to knock off, just follow the instructions on an email you'll get pretty quickly.  The publisher identificiation is a bit harder.

First, you should get an email from GeoTrust on behalf of Microsoft asking for a copy of some government identification with your photo on it and to fill out a form.  MAKE SURE THE NAMES ON THE ID AND YOUR APPLICATION MATCH, EXACTLY!  Oh, and the only realy forms of ID GeoTrust will accept or government issues photo IDs (health cards exempted).  For 99.9% of us, that means a license OR a passport.

Did you get that?  What am I saying?  If you're born with Michel but go by Michael today (one french and one english), make sure you pick the one that you want AND that you have all the supporting docmentation for that name!  Cause if you don't you could find yourself $120 poorer cause they have to reject your application, OR you'll have to go with the name you can provide supporting documentation for.  Be careful with this.

When you send your docs, always send in a "package."  Make sure you follow their template and use it everytime you send a piece of ID and fill in the docs completely everytime.  Otherwise, you'll just be asked to resent again with the missing info.  I had the above problems with Pierre vs Peter.  You can either fax or email your information "package."  Either way, they have to get the first package within 10 business days of them sending the email, otherwise you're application is rejected (or so that's what the email says).

Next, you will probably be asked to provide a phone number to be contacted, or click on a link to a live person who will ask for your phone number.  Key here is, they have to call you to speak to you, not vmail, not your SO, not anyone else but you.  Easy enough.

Then, once you're done that, you should be good to go to release WP7 apps!  Good luck!  And if you do, please come back and post a comment here, I'd love to check out your apps!  Even if it IS just a flashlight app!  That's where things all start from!!! 

Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Windows Phone Marketplace

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4 comment(s) so far...

Re: Are you signing up for the Mobile developer program for the WP7?

Wow what a hassle with the GeoTrust thing? Apple was so much easier, just needed to submit my Business Number for company verification. I mean seriously, my drivers license?

By Shane on   Sunday, April 04, 2010 12:11 PM

Re: Are you signing up for the Mobile developer program for the WP7?

There are two ways to register with the WP7 Marketplace, Individual and Business. I deicded to go with Individual, at least for now. Not sure what the differences are (yet). I just envisioned a boat load of hassles with tax requirements, registering a business, stuff I didn't want to bother with right now.

re Hassle
A bit, but I guess it's not unreasonable I have to prove who I am, and the license thing isn't completely out there.

By phenry on   Sunday, April 04, 2010 12:13 PM

Re: Are you signing up for the Mobile developer program for the WP7?

Hi Peter,

I have applied for early access to the market place (after the initial group on the 12th) and have been told I am in a queue. When I click on Submit App it only shows mobile 6, not 7 - does this change when I get approved for access?

Also - they mention a digital certificate assigned to me (I passed GEoTrust Auth) - am I supposed to have that or does Microsoft have it and sign my app on release?


By Rodney on   Monday, October 18, 2010 9:07 AM

Re: Are you signing up for the Mobile developer program for the WP7?

Hi Rodney, kudos on getting early access! That's awesome! The more the merrier IMHO! Are you getting redirected to the site? Anything with xbox login? If not, then you might still be in the "queue." I'm sure things will happen quickly.

Have you checked out my Anatomy of a WP7 app submission?

Are you seeing those screens?

re dig certs
I read in the docs they would be putting the dig certs to the XAP upon release. Maybe that's changed?

Thanks for comment Rodney, I hope you come back and comment more after you've been accepted. Do you have a webpage for your app to check out?

By phenry on   Monday, October 18, 2010 9:19 AM

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