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Do you want the code from Ottawa IT Day? Or are you presenting and want to know how to upload your code?

Apr 6

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010 9:18 PM  RssIcon

Ottawa IT DaysAre you presenting at Ottawa IT Day?  Or are you attending and want to get access to the great code/demo material?  Read on for the easiest way possible!

Ottawa IT DaysIf you are presenting at the Ottawa IT Day 2010 conference, chances are, you've seen an email from me talking about our Ottawa IT Day, CodePlex project.  Or, you're someone who's attending the conference (or you already did and google'd this link, cool!) and want to check out some cool code/demos?  Awesome!  Read on for a few options to download the code, and optionally upload some if you're a presenter.

If you are an audience member, you might want to check out the Downloads section if you just want the easiest way to get every thing with as few mouse clicks as possible.  After the day long conference is done, I will zip up the whole set of deliverables into one file which will make it easy for you to grab everyone in one easy click.

Alternatively, you can use a source code system like Team Foundation Server (TFS), or Subversion (SVN) to get the code, and commit too.

For the "executive summary" check out the ReadMe file.  Check this out for prerequisites as well (like preinstalled software, like source control LOL).

I'm using SVN at home, so these screen shots are from SVN, BUT, the same logic/information applies to Microsoft's TFS as well.

To start off, you'll need to download and install SVN and Tortoise.  I'm assuming you read the ReadMe file above?  If you haven't, now's a good time.  Go ahead.....I'll're back now?  COOL!

Goto the directory where you want to put all the great, fantastic, magical and cool code you're going to get.  Right mouse click and select SVN Checkout...

SVN Checkout

Next, you'll need to Copy'n'Paste the place to grab the code from.  Thankfully CodePlex tells you what it is right off the main Source Code page in the respective project.

CodePlex SVN Url

Check out the right hand side for the Source Control Setup section.  You'll see the supported source control tools.  Pick your's and you'll see the appropriate information you'll need to pump into that tools "checkout" functionality.  Above is the URL for SVN (  The Username and Password are required for the presenters when you goto commit code up to the server (you'll be prompted at that time).

Copy'n'paste the URL you see in that popup, then return back to the SVN Checkout dialog.  Paste in the URL into the URL of repository and update the Checkout directory to what name you can remember in the future. LOL  As you can see, I've picked a VERY creative directory name eh? LOL

SVN Checkout

After clicking OK, SVN will start sucking down the code over the web and automagically you'll have it on your machine shortly!

Checkout finished

If you're lucky enough to be presenting, please, Please, PLEASE, I can't stress this enough, PUUUUUHHHHHHLEASE setup your Ignore/Exclude List with the following string?!

[Bb]in [Oo]bj [Oo]bject [Dd]ebug [Rr]elease [Cc]lientBin *.[Uu]ser *.[Ss]uo [Dd]esktop.ini [Tt]humbs.db *.[Ll]og *.[Cc]ache *.pdb *.vspscc *.vssscc *.vbproj.user *.csproj.user *.xap

In SVN, the Global ignore pattern looks like this in the Settings dialog.

Global Ignore/Exclude patterns

This is VITAL, CRITICAL, and VERY IMPORTANT to minimize the number of files required for everyone else to download and not waste people's bandwidth/money.  I BLEW my download limit last month a little bit (by 4Xs, ok, a bit more than a little LOL) so downloading EXTRA compiled files which my IDE is going to recreate ANYWAYS is unnecessary and undesirable.  Please make sure you add string above please.

Uh, Peter, if it's THAT important, why don't YOU add it to the server?  I would LOVE to do that, but I don't have access to the CodePlex server to add/make these changes globaly.  So it's up to us to protect ourselves.  I hope you understand.

Once you've downloaded the first batch, you'll notice there are four directories, one per track.  Please create a directory for yourself, add your code and then you can commmit it.  Upon committing your code, you'll be prompted for your username and password.

Committing your code

This is the same username you emailed to me, and your password (which if you followed my instructions, is something you DIDN'T email me). I suggest you check the Save authentication to stop being asked in the future for the same information over and over again.

Now that you know how to grab the code from Ottawa IT Days, and for presenters, how to commit code, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding! 



ReadMe file for high level information

Downloads Section

Source Code Section (for the Source Code Setup)


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