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My presentation at Ottawa IT Day (OITD) 2010

Apr 19

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Monday, April 19, 2010 9:57 PM  RssIcon

Ottawa IT DayThis year I was very lucky to be able to be part of the Silverlight track presenting at Ottawa IT Day (OITD).  Please read on for more information.

Ottawa IT DayThis year I participated in the Ottawa IT Day at Algonquin College along with Colin Melia, Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, Sylvain Boucher.  We presented Silverlight!  Yup, one day FULL of Silverlight goodness!  Sounds boring?  Not at all!  Well, for us geeks it's not!  LOL  Cause we took people from knowing very little, through to creating a Silverlight app, connecting data up to it, putting that data out on the cloud and finishing off with migrating that SL app to the Windows Phone 7.  Ambitous?  Yup!  Fun?  You darn toot'n it was!

The day started off with Colin Melia making sure everyone was on the same page with the basics of Silverlight.  Next Sylvain Boucher took the floor and created an Ottawa IT Day Silverlight application.  Very cool!  Next Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault connected up Sylvain's SL app with data binding and a few other tricks up his sleeve.  Then Colin took Louis-Philippe's data connectivity and put it out on " the cloud" with Azure!  Want to do computing in this century?  Gotta get with the cloud!  Next I took to the stage and migrated Sylvain's application to the Windows Phone 7.

So what did the Windows Phone 7 app look like?  COOL!  Thought you'd never ask!  It's not a clever artistic "masterpiece?, but I never did profess to be of artistic genius.  Also, Colin, Sylvain, Louis-Philippe and I were primarily concerned with teacing SL concepts first and foremost along with issues that go along with creating mobile applications.

So without further adieu, if you grab the code (with VS 2010 RTM and WP7 CTP) you too can F5 and check this out!

OITD Wp7 App

Other notes?  HHMMMMM I had to dance a bit when I found out the laptop I planned on using suddenly became indisposed while Colin installed an older copy of VS2010 cause the newest copy (RTM) pooched a deliverable without his knowing!  DOH!  So I thought I could use my little netbook. hhhmm THAT didn't work out so well (check out THIS link of a bad error message!).  THEN Sylvain was very kind in letting me borrow HIS machine.  hhhmm only one problem....see if you can spot the issue.

Peter preparing with a...WHAT?

RunAtServerSG snapped that pick with his iPhone!  Figures!!!!!!!!!  DOH!  I want to thank Sylvain for trying, but unfortunately I just couldn't get used to the keyboard.  DOH!  Thankfully Louis-Philippe was cool with lending me his laptop.  SWEET!  His box is his main box he uses for his dev work with RunAtServer.  Merci beaucoup!  The keyboard, screen, processor, power, memory, everything just hummed like a regular desktop, it was great doing my demo on it.  No probs!  The other bonus about using your machine Louis-Philippe?  You saved me from having to live down having to do a demo with a Mac! LOL

Now that you see the OITD WP7 app, I hope you check out the code and play with it yourself!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



VS 2010 RC source code:

(NOTE: You WILL only be able to get the above solution to compile and run with VS 2010 RC, NOT RTM, and the Windows Phone 7 CTP)

CodePlex: All/most of the presentation's material

Colin Melia's blog

Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault's blog

Sylvain Boucher's Blog

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