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About time, Microsoft's competing product to the iPad!

Apr 21

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9:47 PM  RssIcon

Microsooft CourierSince playing with my own Apple iPod Touch, I've always said Microsoft HAS to have an instant-on device based on their mobile OS.  I think someone's listening!

Microsooft Courier

Two months ago, I bought (and returned, DOH!) an Apple iPod Touch.  The most attractive feature of the device (IMHO) was the "instant-on" ability.  I quickly learned to NEVER turn it off cause it took just too long to "turn on" again.  But the thing could go HOURS on one charge, AND the device was always ready to "play" or check email, play Mine Blast, or read one of my girl's Dr. Seuss books.  The ability to press the Home button, swipe a finger and BANG, you're browsing, is simply amazing! 

A day after I got the Touch, I compared it to checking email on my little netbook.  Oh man, it was embarassing how slow my Windows 7 box was compared to the Touch!  DOH!  I stopped looking at my watch and just hit the power button to go back to the Touch, it was just that bad.

Since then, Apple's announced their iPad, simply a bigger version of their widely successful iPhone/Touch.  No surprise there, it's the same OS, and I can assume it has the same instant-on capabilities.  The main reason for that I believe is the OS.  Since my Touch days, I've said MS HAS to come up with the same thing for their Windows Phone 7 and they HAVE to come out with their own iPad competitor.  Well, it looks like they are!  The Microsoft Courier.  It's got some differences, but the meat of the device is, it's Windows Phone 7 based, will have smaller screens than a laptop, will be uber-portable and did I mention will run Windows Phone 7?  I'm REALLY hoping that means we'll finally get the the "instant-on" feature. 

The only thing is we'll have to wait until AFTER the phone's are released and after they settle on hardware requirements.  Well into 2011 I'm sure.  But that's ok cause I hope to have a Windows Phone to keep my occupied with writing apps for.

Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding! 



Resources: Microsoft Courier Not Expected Before 2011

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