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"Perky Peter" and constructive criticism from my OITD presentation last Sat

Apr 22

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Thursday, April 22, 2010 10:18 PM  RssIcon

Ottawa IT DayThis past Sat, I helped present the Silverlight track with three other highly talented individuals.  Read on for the evals on my session and what I learned.

Ottawa IT DayThis year I participated in the Ottawa IT Day at Algonquin College along with Colin Melia, Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, Sylvain Boucher.  We presented Silverlight!  I presented the Windows Phone 7 version of the OITD website (well our vision of it).  Not too bad for a weeks bit of work if you ask me?! LOL  Check out the link for a screen cap of what it looks like.  Yup, selfish plug there eh?  Sorry, couldn't be helped.

But after my presentation, I got a hold of my evals.  You know, those pieces of paper with number scales, which you're NEVER REALLY sure people actually take the time to look at them?  Well, I DO!  I have, did, and I hope I always will!  I came out of school doing consulting and training, and I ALWAYS wanted to read/hear what people had to say about my training sessions.  Yup, sometimes you're HOT and......well.....sometimes you're not.  I was lucky Saturday, even on four hours of sleep every night for the previous week, I was able to pull off some pretty nice marks.  One '3' in the bunch, and someone mentioned about too much content.  The latter was true, we jammed in a BOAT load of stuff, but I hope I was able to convince a couple of people to try out WP7 at least.

One person even wrote on the back of their evaluations about "Perky Peter".  I guess they've seen me before (maybe with a couple of extra coffees in me? LOL).  If you're interested, here are my marks, redacted to protect the innocent parties. LOL 

Page 1 EvalsPage w EvalsPage 3 EvalsOn the back of one of the evals

Next year, I plan on getting more sleep leading up to the presentation and I also want to talk with people more.  I was busy prepping three machines (DOH! read my last blog about that) so I wasn't able to talk with attendees, which I love to do and next year vow to do more of it. 

My goal this year, besides giving a good presentation LOL was to stay out of the "Green Room."  The Green room is a special place for presenters to hang their coat, put their bags and chill out.  Usually what happens is presenters are tweaking their presentations in there, right up until they go up.  Ok, if you're first up, LOUSY if you're last cause you just don't get to talk to people and feel like you're part of the conference.  That happened to me last year and I DIDN'T want to do that this year. So I plopped myself at the back of the room (didn't want to distract or disrupt Colin, Sylvain nor Louis-Philippe) but I did want to participate.  I'm so happy I did, I felt much better about being part of it.  The Green room is fantastic, I'm NOT knocking that, I just need to be careful cause the safety of that room is tempting.

Everyone knows you're not supposed to install new versions just before you're giving a presentation right?  So, uh, why do we do it? LOL HAHA  That happened Sat to some of us.  Why?  Cause we're geeks and new "stuff" is just too tempting for us! HAHA  We also know you're supposed to practise your demo on your demo machine beforehand right?  hhhmmm Had I have done that, I would have figured out the WP7 emulator wouldn't run on my netbook ggggggrrrrrrr and I wouldn't have had to prep a MAC laptop! DOH!  Thanks to Louis-Philippe for saving my bacon (and not having pics of my doing a demo on a MAC floating around the internet).

Anyways, thankfully, everything worked out fine and I'm very glad people enjoyed themselves at the Silverlight track.  I hope to participate next year again!  And if you're reading this blog and you're there, please stop by and say hi!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



Ottawa IT Day 2010 My presentation at Ottawa IT Day (OITD) 2010

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