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I just got my WP7 phone (kind of...)

May 29

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Saturday, May 29, 2010 3:07 PM  RssIcon

My new WP7 phoneCheck this out, I JUST got my new WP7 phone, and the size is awesome.  (PS uuuhhhmmmmmm, no, I don't REALLY have the REAL phone, I just made the paper prototype but read on for potential dimensional information).

My new WP7 phoneThis week I read an article by Håkan Reis who created a paper prototype you too can print out and check out the (potential) size of this highly anticipated new device running Microsoft Window Phone 7 OS! 

Oh, uh, in case you're reading this and think I REALLY have the actual, real, honest to goodness to life, USB plugged in device, capacitive touching OLED, uh, no, sorry.  The title of this blog was a bit of "marketing license" to tease you.  BUT, the good news is Håkan has done some cool work to try to figure out the dimensions of the upcoming device and created a paper prototype printout you too can play with.  THAT'S what this blog is about.

Hey, I'm a little like the Apple iPhone, iPad crazed bunch going goo-goo gaa-gaa over their devices, I'm REALLY excited about the upcoming WP7 device!  So this is a chance to get first hand glimpse of what the dimensions are going to be like.  But to tell you the measurements, is.....well a bit frustrating for me cause I'm a bit spatially incompitent (aka spaced out?! LOL).  To have the actual measurements is fine, and I'm sure you can find those out on the web, but I wanted to find out and share with you relative dimentions!  I want to find out how this thing compares to a laptop or an existing cell phone.  So here goes.

Here's the prototype (from the top) compared to a netbook, cell phone and USB memory key.

Top view

Here is the height comparison (same pic, just different angle).

Side view

Next, I opened up the netbook and propped up the items for true height comparisions.

Front view

And lastly I wanted to give you a true comparison of the height of the device compared to a real cell phone.

Side view

The WP7 device seems to be smaller in all dimensions than the Touch I used to have (and lighter, but uh, this is a paper prototype, so add the OLED and battery and we'll see then) except for height.  From what I remember the Touch was a bit shorter, BUT to be completely fair, I would have to compare this WP7 to an actual iPhone not the Touch.  Why?  Cause the iPhone is taller than the Touch just for the fact it has GPS and cell phone capabilities, the Touch doesn't.  So keep an eye out on my blog for those pics to come.

So there you have it, a real comparison of the wide anticipated WP7 device!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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