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Ready to make your WP7 go live? Check out the requirements

Jun 7

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Monday, June 07, 2010 8:29 PM  RssIcon

Windows Phone 7 Application Certification RequirementsGetting into WP7 development too?  Want to find out what it'll take to get YOUR app onto Marketplace?  Check out the application certification requirements.

Windows Phone 7 Application Certification RequirementsToday at TechEd 2010 in New Orleans, new WP7 Application Certification Requirements were released.  I got this link from Charlie Kindel's twitter feed.  Click on the link to get the PDF yourself and see if your WP7 app has what it takes to get released!

Here's a very quick, simplified version of the process.  This all assumes you HAVE an existing account on Marketplace already.  Yup, you'll HAVE to do that first before you do any of this.

Simplified Version

Highlights from the specs?

  • updates go through the exact same process as original application, no short circuiting for updates
  • anything from Marketplace will be signed with the Authenticode certificate assigned by Marketplace when you sign up
  • no payments what-so-ever outside of Marketplace allowed
  • App policy makes a distinction between over the air (OTA) installation size being <= 20MB and Wi-Fi being anything else
  • loosy-goosy definition of "trial version", it must reasonably represent the full app, ya, I don't see THAT being abused anytime so eh? LOL
  • yet another spec to read if you want to have adverts in your app, yup, another doc to read, DOH!
  • Don't expect to see those, uh...hhhmm "naughty" app on WP7 that Apple let slide through, lots of legalese to combat that stuff
  • 500MB max size of XAP file, so no, you can't "copy the internet onto your phone!" LOL
  • obfuscated code is acceptable
  • clauses exist for app reliability including, no app hangs, <20s launch times with first screen showing <5s (splash screen qualifies)

At this point, I got a bit bored with the docs (sorry, but those kinds of docs are boring, sorry, it's true).  But this is a good doc to ready before you go through and send you XAP WP7 app off to the Marketplace.

Now that we know what's required to get our WP7 apps published, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


PS  Something to note which I find quite ironic.  Why is the document, from Microsoft, done in a PDF and not XPS?  hhhhmmmm........


Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements

Twitter: Charlie Kindel Are you signing up fo the Mobile developer program for WP7?

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