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Microsoft's Next Gen Marketplace, what's in store?

Jun 7

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Monday, June 07, 2010 10:25 PM  RssIcon

WP7New information about the updated Microsoft Marketplace is now available!  Read on!

WP7This is what new WP7 devs have been waiting for!  The "old" MS Marketplace was NOTHING like iTunes, they charged you for EVERYTHING, updates, new apps, minor tweaks, even resubmissions, EVERYTHING!!!!!  Have they changed over a new leaf?  Let's take a look.

The Windows Phone Developer Blog: New Policies for Next Gen Windows Phone Marketplace


  • Everyone keeps talking about $99/yr, just like iTunes, the problem is that's the US rate, there's an already accounted for exchnage rate for us Canadians and it's not the nearly "at par" rates you'd expect, we HAVE to pay $120.  Don't believe me?  Have YOU registered yet?  I have!
  • Very much like iTunes/iPhone development, there is no limit to the number "paid for applications" BUT there is a limit of 5 for freebies.  My gutt tells me this is to keep the quality of "flashlight" app very high LOL, but seriously, this must be an attempt at keep the quality of apps high in the Marketplace.  My only fear now is, people (like me, DOH!) might want to charge....uhhhh, I don't know ten cents to get around this "challenge."  So I can see Microsoft changing this policy in a year or two to have a minimum fee to qualify for this.
  • Trial API is a great idea, but does the "trial app" qualify as one of your "free apps?"
  • Publishing wordly is awesome, but uh, isn't that what everyone else on the "interweb" does already?
  • No mention of whether free application updates qualify as one of the five apps?

To be honest, I think the $120/yr fee, although high, does give you good ROI (return on investment) for individual's.  We can release any number of apps, so long as you charge SOMETHING for them, as you choose.  That was my biggest concern back in Feb when Ballmer talked about WP7.  So this is good news!  Kudos to MS for this.

Now it's time to grab a coffe and get coding.



The Windows Phone Developer Blog: New Policies for Next Gen Windows Phone Marketplace

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