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The new WP7 Beta is available! YAHOO!

Jul 12

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Monday, July 12, 2010 9:16 PM  RssIcon

WP7 BetaThere's a new WP7 drop is available! YAHOO!  Read more about my first install experiences.

WP7 Beta"YAHOO!"  "FINALLY!"  "About freak'n TIME!"  If those are some of the things you've been muttering to yourself over the past few weeks or months, you're not alone.  I'm with you.  In fact, it's been downright BORING lately with regards to the WP7 news, software, code drops, etc.  AND with all the news about iPhone this, Android that, iPad this, tofu that!!!!!!  Oh man, I can't blame you if  you think someone at MS has been fired.  OOPS!!!!!!!!!!!  sorry that has happened......uhmm....touched a nerve on that one eh?  Sorry.

ANY-WHO!  There's been a new WP7 beta code drop and if you've been bored lately, this should excite you again!  I'm installing it now and hoping the signed assembly loading bug is finaly fixed!  We'll see!

First off, uninstall the CTP.  If you don't have that (cool, a bit boring, but cool) you can skip over the uninstall bits.

UPDATE: Make sure you select the "Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP - ENU" node in the list to uninstall.  If you do it out of order, you could find yourself in a load of trouble (or so a lot of people are finding today, click this link for some help).

Uninstalling CTP

Ya, ya, ya, ya, just uninstall already.

Completely uninstal already

AH COOL!  Oh, one more step to COMPLETELY uninstall, you'll most likely need to reboot.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd we're back!

Ok, after running the WP7 beta install, you should see this.

And here we go

Next, you'll see two buttons, one BIG Install button and one smaller Customize.  If you're like me, you'll click the Customize one (for giggles eh?).

Customize option

The problem with this is, when you want to go BACK, you can't, AND more over when you hit the red X to close the window, THIS is what you get for your troubles.....(I'm SUUUUUUUUUUURE they'll fix THAT bug on the RTM! LOL).

Is that a bug on the install

Ok, back to normal, if you start over again, hit the BIG Install button, you'll get started.

Now we're cook'n

BUT......uhhhh......hhhhhhmmmmmmm........I thought I had everything to DO the install already?  I guess not?!  So, word to the wise, expect to be downloading a BOAT LOAD of an installer payload for this WP7 Beta install.  The setup exe you're getting, is NOT the whole install  package but just an install shell used to call home to get the actual install.  Don't be fooled by the man behind the curtain!  DOH! LOL

Anyways, after a good, oh.....15m of should get something like......


HHHMMMM Ok, after another five minutes, you should see this.

I think we're done now

After clicking the button (which JUST runs VS2010, nothing more) and then opening up some WP7 project (I opened up one from Ottawa Code Camp, Silverlight track) I was greeted with the following error in the WP7 designer.

A bit more work to do

But that's OK, really!  Hey, it means the install worked, and the breaking changes Jaime Rodriguez talks about (which are known) are something I can work on!  The most important thing is no (real) install bug/errors happened and things are progressing smoothly. 

Ok, let's poke around a bit more before we go fix those compile issues.

Here's, this is interesting, you can now register your phone/device from within the beta (shortcut in the Start menu).  Interesting.

Start menu options

Here's what the tool looks like when you run it.  OOPS!  aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't have a phone to connect to........aaaaaaahhhhhh (PPPSSSSTTTTT if you're from MS, can you, uh....hhhmmm hook me up with one????  PLEASE?  PLEASE???????!!!!!!!!)

Registering your phone with MS

Expression Blend for WP7 is also included in the beta build.  SWEET!  No more separate downloads!!!!!  Beautiful!

Registering your phone with MS

That's very cool, I can register the device (when I get one) and I get Expression Blend in the same install. SWEET!  Things I don't like about this?  Why can't there be a migration tool for those "breaking changes?"  Should be simple enough to make, no?  They know what the changes are.  They know how to do "project migration" tools for Visual Studio, why not now?  But that's really the only hiccup I have.  Pretty minor in the big scheme of things I think.

Check back later for an update on these exciting WP7 updates!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding (and fixing my breaking changes).



The Windows Phone Developer Blog: Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta Released (Brandon Watson)

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Re: The new WP7 Beta is available! YAHOO!

So much aaaah uhhh for a minute i thought i'm in my most favorite websites but A TOTALY FRAKIN REFRESHING article

By arash on   Tuesday, July 13, 2010 8:53 AM

Re: The new WP7 Beta is available! YAHOO!

Hi Arash! Thanks for leaving a comment and I laughed when I read the "FRAKIN REFRESHING" part! :> haha I try, thanks for noticing and enjoying! I hope you come back soon. Have a good one!

By phenry on   Tuesday, July 13, 2010 9:09 AM

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