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Update to my VS 2010 Extensions blog from last week

Sep 1

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 8:03 PM  RssIcon

Last week I blogged about two VS 2010 Extensions you should at least look at.  Here's an update to that blog entry.  Read on for a cool review and tip if you're using them.

Last week I blogged about using two very cool VS 2010 Extensions, namely PowerCommands for VS 2010 and Productivity Power Tools.

Since then, two things have happened.  My boss asked me about how to toggle the automatic brace completion and second I found Mike Christian's blog (The Curly Brace) about his review of Productivity Power Tools.

Helping my boss was actually quite simple, well, simple IF you know what and where you need to look.  If not, then ya, it's nasty!  Here's a hint.

Toggle automatic brace completion

Next, the question came to change the background colour of  the Highlight Current Line option.  Good question, I don't know!  (Yet!)  But I'll find out.  A day or two later, I came across The Curly Brace blog entry which had a fantastic and unbiased review of the Productivity Power Tool. 

The best thing about the blog entry is it easily explains how to change the current highlighted background colour of the currently edited line. 

What's the big deal you ask?  Too lazy to read the blog eh?  Oh sorry, judgement call there, won't happen again (at least for the duration of the blog entry LOL).  The deal is the highlighted background colour is WAY too close to the colours used for highlighting the matching brace.  So although it looks like this extension removes that capability, it's still there, just that it's grey on grey.  DOH!  Use Mike's trick and you'll be back in action!

Now you know how to tweak VS juuuuust a little bit more to help your day, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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