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Do you use any type of instant messanger? I have to ask, if you don't, WHY NOT?!

Sep 7

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010 8:03 PM  RssIcon

MS Instant MesangerDo you use some type of instant messanger tool?  If you do, cool!  If you don't, I encourage you to read on for a few reasons why you should reconsider!

MS Instant MesangerDo you use Microsoft Intant Messanger, Yahoo Messanger, Google Talk, Trillian/Digsby or even Skype?  If you do, then you probably already knew one of the best kept secrets of IM'ing, it lets you continue to communicate with your team with negligible to minimal interrupts.  If you don't use one of those tools, I HAVE to ask, WHY THE HECK NOT????!!!!

Ok, before you get all defensive on me, check out this vid from Jason Fried called Why You Can't Work at Work.  Part of what Jason talks about is getting work done and part of his discussion is actually using IM clients as a way to minimize interruptions.  I've been a big believer in IM for a long time, with small OR big companies.  It's pretty much a no brainer to use with BIG companies, especially if you're spread across the city, province or even continents.  But if you're a small company, you don't use it cause of different time zones or long distance charges.  No!  You use it to help you remain "in da zone!" 

You know what I mean!  You're deep down into some recursive function call, three layers deep in constructor chaining or doing the last layer in your MVVM app, all with your headphones on, just humming away at the keyboard............OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!............the LAST thing you want, is to be interrupted!  THIS is the exact moment IM tools show their stuff! 

If you're IMing me, and I'm JUUUUUST toooooooo deep into things here, WHAT-EVER you're going to ask, can probably wait 5-10-15 minutes more.  Just give me a bit of time and I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to help you out.  If I'm able to come up for air, and I STILL don't want to be bothered getting out of the zone, and that song is just humming along, and......hey, I can answer that one off question easily and yaaaahhh I'm still in the zone!

BUT!  If you're like some old boss, who thinks your too small for IMing, what happens?  We've all heard the....Peter.....Pete.....Peter......PETER.....PETER!!!!!!!!!!!      P.......PE.......PEEEEEEEETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH CRAP, take those bloody headph....PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (tap on the shoulder)  SNAP!!!!!!!!!!  There it goes!  What?  The moment, the zone.  Just like the Senators Stanely Cup chances at the drop of the puck in the season opener!  DOH!  (low blow, sorry Sens fans LOL)

Ya, don't tell me you haven't heard it a few times in your careers!  Happens a lot eh?  THAT'S the moment IMing comes into play!  A simple, "hey u got 2s?" or "what's that new table u added yesterday?"  Even a "u got 2m?"  The accomplishes two goals, it helps keep your team in the zone, and it respects their time!

If you don't do that, and you choose the yelling and screaming option........????  Well, you're not only interrupting that ONE person, but chances are pretty good you're interrupting a few other people too, AND those other people will take another 15-30m to get BACK into their groove.  And you're just not respecting anyone, yes, really!

So here's my recommendation, try out MS Instant Messanger, Google Talk, Digsby or something, but try something!  Give it a few weeks, to try out and see if you can stay in your zone longer!

Now that you know why to use IM tools, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding.



bigthink: Why You Can't Work at Work by Jason Fried

Wikipedia: Instant messaging

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2 comment(s) so far...

Re: Do you use any type of instant messanger? I have to ask, if you don't, WHY NOT?!

Nicely done, Pete. I just put a quick post on my blog about this, then linked to your post since you did all the heavy lifting for me. And no worries about the Leafs comment.

By Luigi on   Tuesday, September 07, 2010 9:21 PM

Re: Do you use any type of instant messanger? I have to ask, if you don't, WHY NOT?!

HAHA! You should give me your blog post url so we can cross-post! Thanks for the comments about heavy lifting! LOL and I just had to change/update the Leafs comment. I used to be a Leafs fan was I was living there. Yup, I was Leafs fan for a few years. But honestly......I think the Leafs have a better chance at winning the cup than the Sens! Oh ya, I went there! OH YA! That's right! It's on! (it's not called a rivalry for nothing! LOL).

Thanks for the comment Luigi! Have a good week! IM me the url and I'll add it to your comment! :> hahaha

By phenry on   Tuesday, September 07, 2010 9:19 PM

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