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DevTeach videos are now available for your viewing pleasure!

Oct 6

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010 7:30 PM  RssIcon

DevTeach vidsHave you heard of DevTeach before?  If yo haven't ,you REALLY got to check it out!  Think of it like TechEd that's affordable AND you get to use the stuff you learned tomorrow!  Read on for another great reason to check out the DevTeach website!

DevTeach vids

I'm sure you've heard of Microsoft's fabulous conferences right?  TechEd, Mix, PDC are the BIGGEST that come to my mind.  But if you're not lucky enough to goto one of those, what else is there? 

Well, I propose you check out DevTeach!  I was lucky enough to win a pass to go a few years back and MAN was it an eye opener!  Jean-René Roy is the main guy who runs DevTeach and I got to tell ya, there's NO other conference that's BY a developer FOR a developer, that's better than this!  It's a professionlly run show, FULL of MVPs, and spoon feeds you information/data/presentations/code samples you can try out and use the very next day! 

Think I'm kidding?  Check out the list of sessions from the last DevTeach.  Even better yet, Jean-René has made the past conference sessions available from the website!  So you can check it out!  Here's just one sample from a local MVP, Peter Ritchie, Refactoring with VS 2010.  If you don't know about him and are an intermediate, senior, architect developer, you really do need to check him out!  Peter is just one MVP who presents at DevTeach.  If you're not familiar with MVPs, these are geeks like you and me who love to share their knowledge and Microsoft recognizes them as stars in their fields.

In the summer, Jean-René has released the videos from the last DevTeach in Toronto for your viewing pleasure!  There are GREAT topics on there and I encourage you to check out this fantastic and FREE resource!  (ya, ya, you'll have to register, but that's no big deal, come on, you've registered at so many sites in your past, you could probably do this with your eyes closed, so don't use that as an excuse! HAHA)




DevTeach Videos

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