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Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Oct 5

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010 11:00 PM  RssIcon

WP7 Application Certification RequirementsSo you've been busy creating your WP7 application?  Good for you!  BUT!  Is it REALLY ready for the marketplace?  Read on for an in-depth analysis of the official Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirement document.  Yes, it's in-depth, and that means long.  But that also means detailed.  There, you've been warned. LOL

WP7 Application Certification Requirements

Ok, so you've downloaded the WP7 tools, you've learned enough about XAML and Silverlight to be dangerous, you whipped up a FANTASTIC game/utility/program that EVERYONE in the Microsoft world is going to want!  But wait, are you going to be able to sell it on the Marketplace when it opens up?  Read on for my analysis/break down of the official Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements (PDF) from Microsoft.  

If you haven't read the specs, maybe try this, read this first, it should prime your brain for the real event when you read the real requirements doc.  It'll give you a preview of what's coming and start your head asking questions for your specific application.  I broke this down into three sections going high level, down to the nitty gritty.

Architect summary, 10,000" view

  • Download and use the latest WP7 RTM tools.  If you don't, your app will fail, simple.
  • Register on the Marketplace.  If you don't register and pay your $120CAN, how do you expect to release your app?  This process takes a week or longer (no, it's not instantaneous and you can expect delays in the coming weeks as everyone gets excited about WP7!).
  • Download and READ the app cert reqs.  If you don't, you're most certainly shooting yourself in the foot.  Give yourself that extra bit of confidence that your app will pass.  It's rumoured Microsoft wants to target a five day turn around for the certification process.  Again, I'm sure this will be longer in the beginning as Microsoft if swarmed with excited people (like me! LOL).
  • Don't be a butt-head with your application (too subtle?).  If you use foul language, vulgar words, profanity, copyrighted material, lie about functionality, you're just begging for a rejection.  Don't go looking for trouble when you don't need too.  The requirements are surprisingly straight forward.  Ya, ya, there is some "lawyer-esque" crap in there to protect Microsoft's butt, but that's to be expected.  For the most part, it's written for us devs to understand.  Really, it is!
  • The App Cert Req doc is 27 PDF pages long, and IMHO contains 19pgs of fluff and 8pgs of meat.  By "fluff" I mean cover page, table of contents, overview, process outline, change history, things you need to read, but could be sipping your coffee at the sametime.  Now, for the 8pgs of "meat" that's different, you NEED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION to them!  Those are going to mean the difference between passing or failing!
  • You're in the  Marketplace, that's where the money flows to get your app, (your can have 5 freebies), you are however allowed to charge outside of the Marketplace for data only. In other words, you have to pay Microsoft their share, if you try to stiff them, well, let's just say, Microsoft's NOT going to lose THAT argument, ok?  You want to play on their court, you follow their rules, you don't like it, take your ball and go home.  Ok, that was a bit harsh, MS just wants their cut from the applications, you can devise creative ways to get fair payment/value for data.  Just don't be TOO creative ok?

Sr Dev summary, 1,000 view

  • Special requirements for pictures/icons, some for the phone and some for the marketplace.  I counted eight total if you included all the pictures.
  • NO, I repeat, NO PInvoke, COM, or dynamic method calls via reflection.
  • You have to code to ask user before 1st use of GPS, disable LockScreen, use push notifications.  Moreoever, and this is one most people are likely to omit, you have to provide the user the ability to opt out of their choice after they've made their decision.  In other words, if they turned GPS on, they have to be able to turn it off later.  Ya, you have to code that, there's nothing native to the WP7 OS for that.
  • Make sure you understand Section 4.0 cause one fail is supposed to mean you have to start over.
  • You're of course not allowed to distribute any WP7 assemblies with your application, uhhh DUUUHHH!!!  Ok, ok, just make sure you're not including any in your XAP file before you send it off.  Also, for Silverlight apps, double check you're not referencing and XNA framework assemblies.  This could pose a problem as some early betas often suggested this exact situation.  Again, check your XAP file.  (You know your XAP file is just another ZIP file right?  Rename extension to ZIP and crack it open to peek inside).
  • Resubmissions, updates, patches, fixes, SPs are all treated just like the first time!  Yup, rinse and repeat.  But this isn't a bad thing, really, it means your users are going to be ensured if the app's on their phone, it's good!

Developer Summary, 10" view

Now we get down to the REAL details.  I tried not to regurgitate the specs but instead I tried to add some value, some new things you might not be thinking about.

2.0 Application Policies

2.3 You will not in any way promote Apple, Android, RIM or anything else for that matter.  You're in the Micrososft Marketplace world now! DOH! HAHAH

2.5 Over the Air (OTA) cannot exceed 20MB.  That's application, data, pictures, movies, anything in the XAP file, less than 20MB.  Greater than that, your relegated to installing via Zune or maybe wifi, this has yet to be confirmed or denied.

2.6 There's no hard lined definition of what constitutes a "Trail" version, other than a very loose "it must resonably represent the functionality.....blah blah blah."  It means give the user something to entice them and don't be cheap!  If people abuse this, I'm POSITIVE Microsoft will come out with hard lined definitions, let's be smart here.  Do something like give your user 25 free usages, or let them use the app but only download content 10 times.  Be creative here.

2.7 If you're advertising in your WP7, be careful!  Microsoft wants their cut, remember!

2.8 If a large download is required, you have to warn the user.  The specs don't distinguish between cell nor wifi connectivity, so I'm assuming it applies to both.  No big deal, if I'm downloading a 50MB payload, I want an option to opt out BEFORE I kill my download but just lost 10m in cell phone minutes!  (Ya, I am cheap LOL)

2.9 If you're going to allow any type of person to person communication, you have to ask/verify if the user is 13+yrs old.

2.10 GPS requires you ONLY use the Microsoft libraries.  There are others you can use on the phone?  Ya, didn't think so, this one won't be hard to satisfy IMHO.  You are responsible for asking/saving/using/editing the option to opt in and out of using the GPS.  There's no OS facility for this, it's to you baby!

2.11 If you use/give out ANY personal information, you have to provide something like the other "opt-in" functionality for the GPS I mentioned.  Yup, it's all you.

2.13 Same goes for Notification services (aka Toasts).  And you BETTER not abuse this, otherwise Microsoft can (and I'm sure it'll happen) shut your app down and maybe even revoke your other applications if you REALLY screw with their network.  Ever seen Hackers and how system admins get protective of their domain?

2.13.3 WOW!  BIG time emphasis here, I'm sure the MS lawyers got in here and added their two cents.  I guess I can see why, but WOW!


3.0 Content Policies

This section just screams lawyers-eese.  I did think it was cool they talk about and include game ratings though. 

High level summary of this section?  As Colin Melia put it, "NO Grand Theft Auto."  Simple, clear, conscise, straight to the point. 

Basically Microsoft doesn't want to be put in the position Apple was this summer with trying to remove offensive material from iTunes.  The three pages in this section are pretty straight forward, a little explicit, direct and leave people with little to no wiggle room with that kind of offensive material and content.  They don't want it and this will protect themselves in any way they want.  Kids are going to be using this stuff, ya, I can buy into this.


4.0 Application Submission Requirements

This section deals with what you have to have to submit your application, a list of deliverables.  Relatively easy checklist to follow.  I can certainly see this part being automated for the most part.  So don't try to be too tricky when it comes to creating this stuff.  If you're too clever, you could just fail your application.  As the spec says "An application that does not meet one or more requirements fails the submission process."

4.1 Total size of your XAP file has to be less than 400MB.  Remember >20MB means you're limiting installation options, nobody can install it over the cell phone network, only through Zune (or wifi).  There is talk about specific file contents and types, namely images, I'm assuming you have to tell the Marketplace when you're applying via dropdown listboxes cause there's only a few specific names being used (e.x. WMAppManifest.xml, AppManifest.xml).

4.1.2.b The security capabilities are checked as part of the process.  It's probably a good idea to remove "capabilities" you're not using.  No sense getting rejected cause you said you're using web browser but you're not really.

4.2 No undocumented API usage.  hhhmmm we're using .NET right?  And there's no PInvoke nor is there method calls via reflection, so hopefully this is a non-issue.  Come to think of it, shouldn't this be something the WP7 compiler should be able to pick up?  You also have to use the Configuration Manager in Visual Studio to create a Release version of your application (as opposed to a Debug version).  I believe there is a "bug" with the official specs cause 4.2.3 actually says "The application must be compiled using retail configuration instead of debug."  There is no retail option in the Configuration Manager, but there is a Release option which satisfies the requirements of no "debugging symbols or output."

Configuration Manger and Release

There is talk in here about not making any calls into XNA assemblies from any of the System.Windows.Controls objects.  Should be easy enough to check for you, just search for XNA in your project and try to remove.  If you can't, try to ask around for alternatives to what you're trying to do.

4.3 Remember the security capabilities in the WMAppManifest.xml I talked about before?  Well, they show up in the Marketplace, and if you're are "over selling" your app (saying you use the microphone and camera and ......) don't really.....well, you could be selling yourself right out of $$$ cause people might not like you doing that and think something's fishy going on.  Just be honest with your users.  There's another note in there about NO method calling through reflection.  This is where it's stated updates undergo the same scrutiny as initial applications.

4.4 If you SAY your app is French, you better HAVE a French app!  Someone will indeed be checking this.  I'm told you can release an English version of an application in the German market, but if you say you're app is Italian, it better be Italian!

4.5 The VS WP7 comes with some default icons, but PUHLEASE do yourself and your users a favour, play with them!  Have some fun!  Respect the sizes and copyright laws, but have some fun.  I counted four mandatory pics you need to technically release your app on the Marketplace but to do your app justice to your users and your effort, come up with the rest.

Picture/Image Size
ApplicationIcon.PNG (part of VS template) 62 X 62
Background.PNG (part of VS template) 173 X 173
[SplashScreen.JPG] (part of VS template) 480 X 800
Phone App Icon for Marketplace Catalog (*.PNG)

99 X 99

173 X 173

Desktop App Icon for Marketplace Catalog (*.PNG) 200 X 200
[Marketplace panoramic background art (*.PNG)] 1000 X 600
Detailed page screenshot (*.PNG) 480 X 800

The details page screen shot is exactly as it sounds, a screen capture of your application.  Easily done with the Snipping Tool.


5.0 Application Certification Requirements

This section deals with YOUR responsibilities, things you have to or thing you can't do.  This section lists things Microsoft will enforce to protect the highly touted "user experience" (UX) from you and your code.

5.1.1 Do yourself a favour and ditch the VB6 like canvas layout, dock and anchor layout tricks you learned with WinForms.  Learn how to use the XAML layout managers and you'll be FAR better off!  Especially when your users rotate the phone and your apps just resize/readjust nicely (well, if you allowed it).

5.1.2 Uncaught exceptions will result in a failed application.  Simple.  Use proper exception handling and don't ignore exceptions that could happen.  Oh, and don't think you can get away with a "Something bad happened, we don't know what, we don't know why, but we're going to quit now, see you again real soon OK!"  That won't cut it.  You have to do more for your users than just throw up your arms and say you quit.

5.1.3 Sorry but you're going to have to learn a thing or two about threading and asynchronous method calls (ya, that includes me too!).  And I know Threading is a tough topic, but it's something you can't get away with making synchronous networking calls on the phone.  Everything like that is done asynchronously.  Learn events!

5.2 1st screen <5s and the Splashscreen.png is included.  Guidance says if your app takes <1s to load, use the Splashscreen for something else (marketing? LOL).  How do you do that?  Just change the Build Action on the file to None until it's required again, that way you have it in case you need it, but it's not used.  When the app is reactivated, it has to responsive within <10s.  Upon cold start (1st time running, not reactivated from being deactivated) the user must be able to input into fields within <20s.  Anything more than these times, simple, FAIL.  What's this mean?  You will have to learn a thing or two about serializing/deserializing your objects, and tomstoning. 

5.2.4 Oh the Back button.  HHHMM I'm positive Microsoft didn't think the one simple Back button was going to raise such a commotion when the three buttons were first spec'd out.  Peter Torr, WP7 Product Manager even admitted the Back button has generated a lot of talk.  According to Christian Gedankenhandel's blog, the Back button is the biggest source of failures.  Learn from this info and don't try to do anything overly creative with the Back button.  Also learn to use the NavigationService object to navigate from page to page, this will handle the Back button for 90% of what you want to do.  Games get cut some slack cause they're allowed to use the Back button as a pseudo pause.

5.2.5 Can ONLY use <90MB, well, unless you're on a phone that has more than 256MB.  Let's just say, if your app is "consuming" 90MB in one probably have some bigger issues with your development skills than putting your app onto the Marketplace.  This section seems to read a bit like "future proofing" the spec.  A bit early for that no? LOL

5.4 This sections screams of AppDomains.  I have to look into this a bit more.  I wonder if the CLR on the phone is implementing them?

5.5 This section talks about if you CLAIM to have a French application, your description language better match.  This section also talk about other UI elements being in the same language, including your graphics/icons.  So if you're making a bilingual/trilingual language, don't forget your graphics. 

Here's something to note, you get five apps which you can price for free right.  Don't waste them with releasing the same application in five languages in separate XAP files.  You'll chew up your alotment in no time.  Use resource files to submit one application, just be careful with file sizes that's all.  Certifying this section is going to require Microsoft people who know that language to actually use your application.  Going to be hard to fudge this one.

5.6 You will need some type of support mechanism for your users to get help.  No, not calling Microsoft's tech support line!  Although that would be interesting how long it takes the application to fail if you did that. DOH!  But seriously, something like a Help, About kind of thing should suffice.


6.0 Additional Requirements for Specific Application Types

This section talks about specific types of applications using specific phone features, namely the GPS, notifications, locked screen, media and photos.  If you're using the GPS, well, actualy, if you're NOT using the GPS cause the user opted-out of using the GPS, you really should have logic to still stay on your feet and not fall apart.  Maybe store map information in isolated storage, I don't know, it's your app. LOL  But seriously, just cause you can't get updates via push notification doesn't mean you can't use wifi and store the RSS feeds WHEN the user is connected to a network.  There is no OS support for asking, storing, retrieving the opt-in or out questions for users, that's up to you to manage and you will be tested on it.


Questions and concerns I have that came out of reading the specs?

  • What happens to your application and more importantly the money people pay when you don't renew your Marketplace subscription?  Does Microsoft keep your app on the Marketplace and you continue to get the money?  That means you would need to be able to log in to change banking information in the future.  Another option is, Microsoft keeps all 100% of the money (instead of the 30%)......hhhhmm I can see that going nowhere fast!  I could see however your app getting pulled from the Marketplace.  In which case you will see a spike in Flashlight apps in the first year, then next year, quite a few of them disappear.  That's one way to manage THAT issue. LOL
  • If you're download payload exceeds the 20MB limit but you do have wifi access, can you use that instead of Zune?
  • Why don't the WP7 project templates include dummy shell pictures for all the images needed (optional and mandatory) for the application?  It would at least help standardize naming conventions and size expectations.
  • How come the compiler doesn't pick up on some of the "BAD" things you're not supposed to do and flag them either as errors, or at least warnings so people can fix them BEFORE they get to the certification stage? 

PHEW!  That was long.  Although this is a detailed analysis of the Application Certification Requirements, it's by no means meant to replace YOU READING THE ACTUAL CERTIFICATION SPECIFICATION! HAHA  If you thought you could skip that, you're in for a sure failed application.  Do yourself a favour and read that doc next.

Now that you're up to speed on getting your WP7 App onto the Marketplace, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!




Windows Phone 7 page listing Requirements and Policies

Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements (PDF)

MSDN Blogs: Top 10 Tips for a Successful Marketplace Certification by Christian Gedankenhandel

PCHenry: WP7 Marketplace is about to start accepting WP7 apps, are you ready?

PCHenry: A picture's worth a thousand words!

PCHenry: The way to "Exit" a WP7 app just seems wrong to me, is it just me?

MSDN: NavigationService Class

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14 comment(s) so far...

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Your interpretation of 2.3 seems a little heavy handed. A WP7 app that incents a user to download from a market place for another phone doesn't make any sense. They just want to keep WP7 apps on the MS marketplace.
It's interesting that 2.5 mentions tethering while people from MS have said WP7 won't have tethering out of the gate.
2.10 is about making sure that a user's location isn't used without the user's consent. the MS library insures that.
4.2 is like 2.5, future proofing. A future version of the OS may allow PInvoke and a future version may have tethering. If you sign an agreement now, they want to make sure you're following rules for these future versions too.
RE 5.1.2 didn't someone from Microsoft say to use an uncaught exception to exit a WP7 app :)

By Peter Ritchie on   Wednesday, October 06, 2010 12:18 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

re a little heavy handed
Well, maybe but I think MS wants to stop people from talking about cross platform versions on their martketplace. In other words, OCTranspo couldn't (from the get go) market their app as a cross-device solution available on iPhone, BB, etc. I just spit it out in a way I figured would "nip it in the bud." Of course there is another way to look at this, and that would people cannot talk about apps on other (jail broken) sites/stores.

re 2.5 and tethering
YA, I only caught that one after you mentioned it. I guess that's their slip of the tongue to let us know it is indeed coming, we just have to wait.

re 2.10 nothing is without users consent
My point here was, we, the individual devs have to do all the heavy lifting there. Doesn't the iPhone OS have this built in? It was also a little hint to any MS people that MAYBE this is a good idea to have a more centralized mechanism. If there were, it would free the developer from this task, would ease the marketplace testing, and would definitely increase the UX since it's all standardized and controlled by MS. Again, it's all left up to us to code this into our applications.

re 5.1.2 and uncaught exceptions
Ya, the link to my post and to Peter Torr's, and I cited that exact section which is a TAD confusing. On one hand, you have an official document which states your app will fail certification if you don't handle uncaught exceptions, but on the other, you have Peter Torr, a very Senior Product Manager on the WP7 himself, state, that's the way to programatically exit an app. HUH? A bit confused, me too! Hence the smiley I guess eh? Oh well, I am POSITIVE MS will straighten all this out soon enough. This is all in its infancy and little nuances like this will just get sorted out in the coming months, I have no doubt about that. In six months to a year, they could start enforcing this requirement, but I highly doubt they will in the next few months.

Thank you for reading (it was long, thanks for sticking it out LOL) and for commenting! I'm hoping to get a response soon from some other people in the WP7 know (MVPs?) about my questions and concerns, I hope people revisit in a few days to check it out! Have a good one!

By phenry on   Wednesday, October 06, 2010 2:42 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Is it a requirement that every app has trial mode?


By Dan Bebenita on   Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:44 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Hi Dan! No, it's not a requirement. The "Trial" portion is just an API calls. I tried doing a quick (and by quick, I mean two google searches) and came up with an article on

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the API calls yet, but I hope to try them out soon as part of miFlashlight app. I would love to use that to showcase specific features like this. But even if I don't do it there, I'm sure I'll blog about it in the coming weeks/months.

Thank you Dan for reading and commenting!

By phenry on   Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:48 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Overall good stuff and will be useful

Some comments.

2.3 - there are going to be customers that have their brand/app on multiple platforms, so MSFT wouldn't want you to promote the other mobile platforms. This is a good thing for MSFT but not the app because you wold want to get as much marketshare on all platfomrs. Either way there are ways around it :)
4.2.4 - you mention that you can't re-dist SL or XNA assemblies but the exception is pano, pivot and map assemblies
4.2.5 - you mention you can't call XNA assemblies from SL, but reading you can't call APIs from the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game or Graphics assmbly from SL. The other assmblies Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll, Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices.dll and Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.Touch.dll should be fine.
4.1.2 - beleive the MSIL is checked by MSFT to 're-do' the security caps. So if you leave something in there that you don't use it will be removed by the cert process. I agree that if you are not using it, remove it.
4.5 - yes fix your iconagraphy. And get the DPI right! I failed in a 6.5 app because my icon was the wrong DPI.
5.2.4 - back button i think will get a lot of people.
5.2.5 - don't agree with your statement, i went beyond the 90MB for some customer apps and I think my dev skills are pretty good :) We heavily optimized to get things right. Try creating a pano application using the default VS template. Run with no changes and you will see it takes 65-70MB because of the background image. The use of images, databinding to lists with images etc takes up a lot of memory and that's because everything gets converted to a bitmap. So a 100KB jpg/png will translate to a lot of MB of memory in use. Optimization, caching and clearing memory is key when using images. Oh and downloading images in a background thread and not the UI thread is also key, but that's another story :)
6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 - you didn't mention this but this is also important and must read carefully

By Mark Arteaga on   Friday, October 08, 2010 8:53 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Thank you Mark for commenting! I love reading MVP comments! For benefit of others, MVPs are non-MS emps who are highly respected in their fields (mobile in Mark's case). But since they aren't MS emps don't have to "toe the party line." They can be blunt, and talk about the warts, although they're usually respectful of their status in the community. They often try to tell the truth.

I kind of laughed when I read about your "skills are pretty good." DOH! HAHA I've seen some of your apps, you are being very humble and modest. And thank you for not jumping down my throat and allowing me to qualify. LOL I meant that for someone new to WP7 dev who might not properly understand garbage collection and taking a little bit too much liberties with their code. Certainly not from a season's architect. I assume if you're using 90+MB, there's a darn good reason for it! BUT, you've also done your homework and tried (usually for 4/5/6 nights until 3am) exhaustively to reduce footprint and whatever level it's at, IS the smallest it's gonna be. In other words you've put some thought into it.

I know the comment is a bit "generalistic" but handle more of the 80% than the 20% of sr/arch devs.

2.3 I wondered about that, I'm guessing people will just have their own websites and just have multiple links to the different marketplaces. Like you said, people will just have to get creative.
4.2.5 Ah ok, there are other XNA frameworks which SL devs might want to call into? Interesting, I have to look into that. Great info to have though that some are ok. Thanks.
4.1.2 Interesting to know, the MS cert process will manually update that file? I think I just might try that out! haha
4.5 DPI for the pics? Ok, I know there's a DPI on pics, but I just use the defaults. There are other options which could make your app fail certification? Can you blog about that pls? Specifically your situation? I'm just whipping these things up in Paint.NET with only a passing regard for DPI.
5.2.4 Ya, the Back button is going to be a very interesting debate over beers'n'wings! hahahah Kind of like the Habs and Leafs, we know the Habs are better......hhhhhhmmmm I have to shut up now, the Leafs beat my Habs last night.....gggggrrrrrrrrrrr LOL
5.2.5 "downloading images in a background thread and not on the UI thread" can you blog more on that topic please?
Section 6, yes, the entire section I kind of glossed over BUT like you said is very important for specific types of apps. But my doc was already long winded and I still have to have my app go through the cert process. I will blog more as my app goes through the process (and more too I hope!).

Thank you very much Mark for your comments, I really do appreciate it and I hope you (and others) come back to visit again! Have a good weekend!

By phenry on   Friday, October 08, 2010 9:16 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

for a few apps like Evernote, the fact that they're available on multiple platforms is an advantage to the user that the developer might want to mention - if I'm syncing notes, I want access from multiple devices. But I'm guessing the majority of mainstream users won't have WP7 and another smartphone and Ms would doubtless prefer not to have app descriptions that say 'and the iPhone version has 9 features we couldn't do on WP7' ;-)

By Mary Branscombe on   Thursday, October 14, 2010 8:55 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

re apps available on multiple smartphone platforms
Yes, that would be the one area I could see WP7 devs getting a bit (ok that's putting it mildly) upset with this specific restriction. If I were a company developing across WP7, BB, iPhone and Android, I would want to brag about it as much as I could! And, when I'm perusing the Marketplace for apps, if I'm trying to decide between two apps, maybe knowing an app is supported across multiple platforms might sway my decision (either to or away from? LOL).

But there still is an opportunity for the developer/company to be creative. They can still refer to their own website which would then quite visibly advertise the multiple platforms their products available on.

Right now they're looking at the consumer market, but eventually they'll be tackling the enterprise market. I see this as something which will evolve over time. I'm sure of it! Right now, I think you're right, most people won't have a WP7 and iPhone. But in six months to a year, they could have a BB and a WP7? One for work and one for personal?

re feature x on iPhone but not on WP7
DOH! That's very true eh?! I can see that right now with the LED camera flash. Android lets you control it, but WP7 doesn't. That would just be bad advertising on the Marketplace to let that happen. I guess I can see why MS did that. I still think it'll get updated once they start looking at the enterprise market. Not sure how though cause your point is completely valid!

Thank you Mary for commenting! Lots to think about! Have a good day!

By Peter Henry on   Thursday, October 14, 2010 1:24 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Thanks for the article, it's a great primer and a great read. Cheers,

Jason Doucette / Xona Games

By Jason Doucette on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:19 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Thanks for sharing - I am confused about 4.2.4 - redistributing WP assemblies. I checked my XAP and it has of course the .dlls I am using - Microsoft.Phone.Controls, Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit, Microsoft.Expression.Interactions etc. Are you saying I must literally compile my .xap and then delete these dlls by opening and resaving it before submitting? Confused... thanks

By Rod on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:19 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Thank you Jason, much appreciated, I hope to add to this "primer." Have you checked out the latest "primer" from last night (when accepted)?

Hi Rod, good points and something I need to check out myself. You're of course right, when you compile your release build, you should expect to see all the appropriate dependencies cooked into the XAP file. I'm wondering/guessing the specifications talk to adding/using older versions maybe? In other words, if the cert process finds core WP7 DLLs which are of the wrong size/date/version they'll flag and fail it? Maybe?

I highly doubt the certification team will require devs to crack open the "baked" XAP to remove those DLLs, so I think you're right maybe I misinterpretted the specs?

Thank you Jason and Rod for leaving your comments! Much appreciated and have a great week!

PS If you're releasing apps, please drop me a line, I would love to check'em out!

By Peter Henry on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:20 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

[Marketplace panoramic background art (*.PNG)] is 1000x800 not 1000x600 as per

By Greg Bray on   Friday, December 10, 2010 2:53 PM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Hi Greg, yes, the panoramic background size is 1000 X 800 (WP7 App Cert Reqs, section 4.5 Win Phone Mkpl Iconography). I know at one point that size was reported incorrectly by MS sourcess, but they've since update the docs. Thank you for the heads up! I hope you come back for more blogs in the future! Have a good one.

By phenry on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:13 AM

Re: Are you ready for the WP7 Marketplace? Here's an in-depth analysis of the Application Certification Requirements

Hi Jason and Rod, I'm sorry about the delay in "accepting the comments." I thought I had accepted them, I replied, but for some reason, I hadn't accepted them. I hope it's ok if it's "better late than never?"

By phenry on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:21 AM

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