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Slowly but surely getting miFlashlight ready for the Marketplace release!

Oct 6

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010 10:47 PM  RssIcon

miFlashlightRead on about some miFlashlight progress I've made!

miFlashlightFirst off, no, miFlashlight has NOT been chosen YET for advanced Marketplace release.  YET!  I'm still VERY hopeful it will be, but until then, I'm still plugging away with it.

Tonight I saw Barry Gervin talk about Blend/XAML/SL and he showed one cool trick I did tonight (make an Image into a Button to get the Click event) and it worked like a charm!  Very cool!  These user group events really are worth your time man! LOL

Today I also saw a blog about using the ApplicationBar.  I knew about it, I even coded it up once before, but this week, I COMPLETELY forgot how to set it up properly, the way I wanted to I mean.  Not a C# coding problem, a XAML, layout issue.  Well, turns out it was an Opacity problem.  Anyways, reading the blog finger flicked my brain to try something out tonight and it worked.  COOL!

Ironically tonight at the ODNC user group meeting, I was talking with Joel Hebert, and suggested I should make a flashlight app and sell it!  "Everyone needs one of those" he said!  I COULDN'T agree more!  LOL  Of coure, I then told him about miFlashlight and my attempts to get early access to the Marketplace.  I hope it works out!

And lastly, to REALLY do a good job on your application, you REALLY should have a web presence.  No, not to sell your app, cause of course that would COMPLETELY go against (lots of CAPS in this blog eh?) Section 2.3 of the WP7 Application Certification Requirements document.  No, it's just to help increase your exposure and help other people become aware of what you're offering.

Phew, that's a couple of small things off ///todo list tonight.  Yes, I do indeed have a "///todo" list, don't know what a ///todo list is, check this out.  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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