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Are you going to TechDays Ottawa? Want a chance to win $15,000?

Oct 13

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:18 PM  RssIcon

Speaker Idol in OttawaDo you have a free 10 minutes to try to win $15,000 prize?  Read on for this incredible opportunity!

Speaker Idol in Ottawa

This year at TechDays Ottawa 2010, on the first night, there is a cool new contest called Speaker Idol!  

The 10,000 foot view description?  You talk technically to your peers for 10m and get a one out of ten chance at 15Gs!  WOW!!!!!!!!! Check out the prizes!

1st = MSDN Subscription Unlimited ~$15,000

2nd = XBOX 360 4GB Kinect Bundle ~$300

3rd = Microsoft Keyboard and mouse ~$120

So I'm here to let you know about this contest and to email JR if you're interested!  Hey, what better "return on your investment" can you get for 10m worth of work?  What lottery gives you a 1 in 10 odds of winning $15,000?  This is an incredible opportunity!Want more information?  Check out the Speaker Idol info at the bottom of the Upcoming ODNC Events page. So why would YOU be interested?  Let me count the ways...because you...

  1. Will probably already be there at TechDays anyways.

  2. Would do well!

  3. Are VERY technically competent!

  4. Could easily talk for 10m on what-ever you want to

  5. Would appreciate the prize

  6. And give people something to learn about in the process!


I strongly encourage you to check it out and get in!  Also, if you know of someone at your work place or even a friend, please pass this along."hhhhmm But Peter, I'm interested in winning $15,000, even the XBOX would be cool, but I don't know what to talk about?"  Funny you should ask, I JUST have a few ideas, juuuuuuuuuust for such an occasion.

  • TDD, unit testing with NUnit

  • BDD

  • SharePoint for Dummies (aka Developers :>)

  • Calling C# from SQL Server sql

  • WCF for the VB5 dev (really basic stuff :>)


  • WPF

  • WP7

  • CSS for non-artsie people who still use

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