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Are you missing emails from the WP7 APP HUB? If you're not getting your emails, I think I know why!

Oct 24

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Sunday, October 24, 2010 9:02 PM  RssIcon

WP7 APP HUBDo you think you should be getting email notificiations about your WP7 application submission but are not?  I think I have the fix for you!


When miFlashlight was first rejected I THOUGHT I had setup my profile to get email notifications.  However, I wasn't getting any type of communications from MS which I thought I should have been. Turns out, my security paranoia got the better of me and I tweaked my settings to work against me. (DOH!)  Since then, I've read quite a few postings on the WP7 APP HUB about other people/devs experiencing the exact same thing. 

So here's how you fix it, I figured it out by trial and error.  First, read my blog about getting to your profile first, then, in your forum options section, make sure you have the top two radio buttons selected in order to receive emails from BOTH your certification status updates AND forums.  If you do I did (notice the past tense LOL), and JUST select the middle one (Notification e-mails), you will NOT recieve certification status updates NOR forum updates.

Forum options

I originally thought the top option (Receive e-mails) was linked to forum replies, but it's more of a global-like-type setting.  You turn this off, to quote Sinfield, NO MO'EMAILS FO'YOU!

Now that you know how to keep on top of your WP7 app certification status updates and hopefully know the second your's is accepted, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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