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I saw miFlashlight on a real live WP7 device today! TOO COOL!

Nov 11

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Thursday, November 11, 2010 9:51 PM  RssIcon

miFlashlightToday I got a very nice surprise, I saw miFlashlight on a REAL WP7 device today!  Too cool!


When I got into the office today, I got two nice surprises.  I got to see a coworker (SG) who bought an LG Quantum WP7 device!  Very nice, the keyboard is very well built and he LOVES that aspect.  The other nice surprise was I saw he purchased miFlashlight!  LOL!  TOO COOL!

This did two things, helped perk me up (the coffee just wasn't working this morning, too many other things on my mind at that point in time) AND is going to help me see how the Marketplace/APP HUB reports/shows/displays/pays out $$$$$$$$.  And yes, I do plan on blogging about this later on.  The latter one, Shane did realize and even mentioned it to me! LOL  The former, he probably did't know about (well, until he reads this haha).

He did have a suggestion for me, reduce the swiping gesture distance for dimming/brightness.  This also pinged me for another suggestion, put the website under my DNN site and implement forums so other people can give me suggestions online so they don't have to come into my office to show me. LOL  The other suggestion he had was to remove the logo.  I'm thinking of using Blend to create an animation to make it fade out after the app loads.  That would be cool!

Now that I've seen miFlashlight on someone else's WP7 phone, I REALLY can't wait to get my own!  Come on Rogers, get your inventory sent out!  I want my Focus!  Now it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!



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