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VS TnT #4: Move over and make room for more code!

Nov 16

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 10:00 PM  RssIcon

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksWhen you code, do you give yourself AAAAAAALL the screen real estate you can?  I think I can help you tweak a few more pixels from your LCD!

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksTip'n'Trick: Force VS to Full Screen Mode and make more room for what counts, CODE!


Da "Peter" version (aka, ya, da verbose one)

Let me guess, you're using Visual Studion on dual 20" monitors?  Maybe you're lucky enough to even have two 23"ers eh?  You're pretty content with your setup eh?  Think you're maximizing your "screen real estate" with Visual Studio?  I'll bet you a couple of Tim Horton's Double-Doubles, I can tweak a few extra pixels out for you!

Chancs are, you're looking at something like this, right?  Standard VS title bar, menu bar, two (or more) rows of toolbars.  Right?

Not enough room

First off, why are you looking at the menu bar with the title "....Microsoft Visual Studio?"  Do you not KNOW what product you're using?  Do you really need to see the Minimize, Restore and Close buttons on the control bar?  What?  You didn't know about ALT+F4 or ALT+F+X?  Ok, ok, enough with the sarcasm.

First off, maximize Visual studio.  You know, click the Maximize Window button.

Maximize button

Next, hit the SHIFT+ALT+ENTER keys together (that's a Visual Studio shortcut "key chord").  You'll see some flashing, things moving around, don't panic, remain seated at all times until the editor comes to a complete and full stop.  There, done?  See, a bit more pixels eh?  Next get rid of the toolbars.  Right mouse click in some gray area and then uncheck them all.  Don't worry, I'll show you a trick to get them back when you need them!  Once you do that, you'll see you've gained a CONSIDERABLE amount of screen real-estate for your XAML, designer, or most importantly, your code!

Much more room

There is another trick here to SSSSSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQQueeze out juuuuuuuuust a little bit more space (and this is where I REALLY earn my Double-Double), check out the VS Extension Hide Main Menu.  This will give you juuuuuuust that EXTRA little bit of screen real-estate.  This VS extention add-in will remove the main menus, but only when you want to focus in on the code!  SWEET!

Uhhhh Peter.  Uh.....hhhh......  What do we do if we WANT to see the menus again?  You just hit the ALT key like you always did before, and they'll just slide down.  Sweet, you always have access to them, you just don't ALWAYS have to see them!

Oh, and I told you I would help you get back your toolbars when you need them right?  I'm HOPING you'll come back for more tips'n'tricks in the future, so hopefully you'll learn more keyboard shortcuts and the like, but sometimes you JUST NEED a toolbar icon!  How do you get access to it if it's gone?  Just hit the SHIFT+ALT+ENTER key again, and you'll toggle out of Full Screen mode, and there, you'll see the toolbars again!  Do what you want, then hit the SHIFT+ALT+ENTER, and you're back to Full Screen again.  I do this trick for when I'm doing form Layouts (left align, center buttons, etc).

Now that you know how to truely MAXIMIZE your VS screen real-estate, it's time to grab a coffee and get codind!



MS Visual Studio Extensions: Hide Main Menu

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