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VS TnT #8: Taking the express to your Solution Explorer

Nov 22

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Monday, November 22, 2010 8:33 PM  RssIcon

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksEver in code and you just want to open a new file, or look at some properties?  Read on for the fastest way to get to the Solution Explorer!

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksTip'n'Trick: Take the express but to your Solution Explorer!

Shortcut: CTRL+ALT+L

Da "Peter" version (aka, ya, da verbose one)

Ever find yourself in code and you just WISH you could "hop" on over to your Solution Explorer to open a file "that's juuuust to the right of your cursor?"  You want to skip using the mouse to get over there?  Well, have I got the short cut for you!

Double check that you ineed have this one setup.  Goto Tools, Options then select Keyboard on the left hand side.  Then start to type out "solutionexplorer" in the Show commands containing and you'll see some Shortcuts for selected command get populated.  In the Visual C#  scheme, you can see the CTRL+ALT+L is one of the three options (this one works best for me, but you can use any of the other two if you like.

Shortcuts for Solution Explorer

Solution Explorer

What this lets you do, is when you're debugging and need to flip gears to a completely different file/form/piece of code, you can hit the CTRL+ALT+L, then use the arrow keys to goto the file you want and hit enter to open (or F7 to view code on a form, but that's another TnT).

Now that you know how to navigate TO the Solution Explorer, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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