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VS TnT #9: Fastest way to the Bin directory is a straight line

Nov 23

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 9:07 PM  RssIcon

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksThe fastest way to the BIN\Debug\ directory is just six mouse clicks away, but do you know what they are?

Visual Studio Tips'n'TricksTip'n'Trick: Get to your binaries (DEBUG or RELEASE) the fastest way possible!

Shortcut: There is, but the mouse is the easiest way to do this one.

Da "Peter" version (aka, ya, da verbose one)

Ever want to run the RELEASE version of your code?  Ever happen that you don't quite trust the F5 in VS and just want to make sure you get the latest'n'greatest by running your DEBUG executable yourself outside of the debugging environment? 

Ya, sometimes happens to me too, but how do you then goto that directory?  Do you do the Window key + Run command line then "cd" to your carpal tunnel directory?  Or mabye you just do the Windows+E to get to Windows Explorer and then double click down the directories?  Ever miss your shot and go down too deep?  Or just start off in the wrong drive?  Chances are good we've ALL done this, and yes, there IS a better way!

What you can do with VS 2010, is have VS open up the current project's directory, and if you start at the right root, the DEBUG dir is only six clicks away!

Open Folder in Windows Explorer

From yesterday's TnT (getting to the Solution Explorer via shortcuts), you right click on the Project root (you can do this on other dirs too) then check out near the bottom for the Open Folder in Windows Explorer, click that (two clicks already), then you're in Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer

Ok, so now you double click on the bin directory (four), then double click on the Debug or Release directory.  And BOOM, you're there, six mouse clicks away from checking out your exe.

Now that you know how to navigate your solution/project directories like an MS-DOS pro, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!

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