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Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Nov 23

Written by:
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 9:06 PM  RssIcon

Rogers?Are you EXCITED about the NEW WP7?  YA SO AM I!  COOL!  Are you a Roger's client?  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  Dang, another dropped call!  WTF?!

Rogers?Ever see the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off?  You know the part where the teacher calls out Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, well, THAT'S how I feel WAITING for Rogers to get their WP7 act together!  Strong words?  Check out my Twitter feeds for a less tepid interpretation.  I'm TRYING to bite my tongue here to ensure this blog stays family oriented (but it AIN'T GONNA BE EASY!).

Notice that Roger logo, is out of focus?  YYYAAAAAA that's on purpose, cause Roger's WP7 strategy is COMPLETELY out of focus!  Let me recap. 

They started out well.......well.....well, they started out.  They "leaked" the Focus release on their "rumour board" October 11th and then copied some Microsoft crafted web page to their web server.  Come on, really?  Who do YOU think created the Rogers web page below?  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA times up, if you said Rogers, we have a nice parting prize just behind the goa.......ok, ok, I said I would keep this tame.  I'm trying, I really am biting my tongue!

Focus coming soon to Rogers, YAAAAA RIGHT!

Next, Microsoft announced the HUGE WP7 RELEASE NOVEMBER 8TH!!!!!!!  YAHOO!!!  This is the event us Microsoft GEEKS have been WAITING for since last February!  And YES, my friends WERE asking me if I was going to camp outside of the local Rogers store to get a phone, and I was really thinking about it!  Yes, I was!

Then there was silence......... 


Still waiting?  Ya, so were the rest of us!  See us MS geeks/lover/fans/whatever, have done our homework!  We investigated, poked and prodded the web for ANYTHING WP7 with chassis designs, reviews, hardware videos, and it seemed like the Focus was the best phone out there and Rogers was getting it.  I felt like a kid again, my heart skipped many beats (ok that was my fifth coffee, but same feeling!).


Yup, still silence!  Deafening isn't it?

Wednesday before the release, Shane asked me......"uh...Peter, do you KNOW if Rogers is getting any phones on Monday?"  DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know, I have not seen anything OFFICIAL from Rogers.  HUH?  DOH!  Red flags!  OH SNAP!!!!!!!!  This MUST be a mistake?  Gotta check this out!  Call the local store......

"Hello, are you getting any Samsung Focus' in on Monday?"  "HUH?"  WHA?  HUh?  "Can I speak to the manager please?  To the managers credit, he DID know about the Focus, but I believe completely honestly, he had NO CLUE as to when they were going to get them.  Gotta be a mistake.  Same thing at the next Rogers store.  Hey, Customer Service Reps ("CSRs") HAVE to know more right?  AAAAAAAAAAAAAA  WRONG ANSWER!  They were JUST as clueless.

Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, a Microsoft device application MVP visited a Rogers store, and he asked about the Focus, and was promptly shown a PALM Pre and told ...well, look for yourself.

Louis-Philippes Tweet about Rogers and Palm HAHAHAHAHA

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHAT???????  By Rogers COMPLETELY dropping the WP7 ball, they completely sacraficed left their own people, COMPLETELY EXPOSED THEM.  Inappropriately I might add!

Thursday.....still nothing from Rogers

Friday............Did you expect anything different?  I did........still disappointed. CRAP!

Sat, Sun.  I was quite frustrated at this point.  Enough to write WP7 phones go on sale tomorrow, DON'T go to Rogers, they don't have any!

Monday?  Started off with A LOT of activity on the RedBoard site!  Lots of people complaining about the COMPLETE LACK OF ANYTHING from Rogers.  Starting to REALLY smell like somebody at Rogers REALLY screwed up and Roger's mitigating strategy was to not tell anyone and claim "Plausible Deniability."  Big phrase?  It just means Rogers left EVERYONE on the front lines completely exposed and unprepared for what was going on!

Later that morning, to Roger's credit, the acted fast, they hobbled together an online ordering page.  Uh, only one problem, it didn't work! HAHAHAHAH  I have to admit, by now, this is actually funny!  If you don't believe me, check out this blog I wrote with REAL screen shots of what I'm talking about!  You can TRY to order, but you can't select a data plan.  OOPS!

Rogers Focus ordering not working

Roger's DID get the site working, eventually, not sure when exactly cause by this time, I had figured I would wait for a week or two to get one at the store.  Hey, if I'm going to spend about two grand on something, I would like to talk to a real person.  I said to myself, I will give Rogers until Nov 27th.  If they don't have it by then..................

Oh, and by the way, sometime around now is when RedBoard stopped accepting comments for the blog "announcing the Focus."  I guess it couldn't keep up the negative FLOOD of comments.

AAAAHHH But last week, I broke down!  A few friends of mine had ordered their Focus online AND THEY DID RECEIVE THEM!  WOW!  This isn't some mythical loch ness monster, the phone REALY DOES EXSIT?!?!?!???!?!  I GOT TO GET IN ON THIS!!!!!!!  Back to feeling like a kid again!

So Wed, I call Rogers, speak to Josh in "Customer Retentions" and after negotiating with him, we reached a cell phone plan we can both live with and I decided to bite the bullet and order my Focus online.  By the time I got enough courage to part with my hard earned dough, I missed the Saturday delivery Date!  DOH!  BUT, I could still try for early this week.  Ok, go for it!  DONE!  YAHOO!  I should get it Mon or Tues right? hahahahah

Focus order details

Ok, so I'm excited, can you blame me?  So I call Rogers yesterday (Nov 22) to get a tracking number.  WHOA!  Man, was THAT nasty!  After the FOURTH person, I finally found out my order doesn't have a tracking number cause it hasn't shipped yet.  HUH?  I ordered it Thurs night and it's now Monday afternoon and NOTHING'S been done yet?  HUH? WHAT?  Uh, ok, I'll try to be patie....what's that?  Huh?   WHAT?  You're regurgitating to me your policy about having three to seven business days?  WTF?  I'm getting insulted cause I'm excited to get your product?  WTF?

Oh, and by the way, I picked the three to FIVE business days BUDDY!

Ok, so now, we're at present day.  PHEW!  What a journey eh?  You still with me?  Ok, so I figured, it HAS to have shipped by  now?  hahahah  After the EIGHTH person, I FINALLY find out THERE'S NO INVENTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THERE ARE NO FOCUS PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WWWWHHHHAAAATTTTTT???????????  OH YA, I"M FREAKING OUT BY  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDD if you think that's enough, Rogers STILL HAS THE NUTS TO CONTINUE PROMISING 3-5 business day delivery!  This screen cap was taken tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES tonight!!!!!!!!!!  To quote Microsoft's WP7 commercials..."REALLY?!"

Roger STILL promising 3-5 days delivery

In other words, Rogers is MORE THAN HAPPY TO TAKE your money, they just can't deliver on it!  Isn't that false advertising?  They KNOW they have no inventory but are still promising they can deliver it!!!!!!!!  YA ya, Mr/Mrs Rogers support rep, that 4pt small print that's at the bottom of the page is fit for the toilet!  If it's not available, tell me NOW, not when I call in 3-5 business days later!

Ok, now that I've vented a little bit, the real qustion is WHY AM I STILL KICKING AROUND?  Well, two reasons, one cause, two weeks ago, I told myself, Nov 27th was the deadline.  No phone by then, I'm done being patient.  Second, cause I have one friend at Rogers out west who's been VERY patient with me and trying to calm me down.  To his credit, he's done a marvelous job (KUDOS Mr. Mgr for hiring this guy!) but this patience thing is wearing thin.

Ok, after tweeting about my frustrations with Rogers today, a few moments later, I see something from a Telus rep!  WOW!  HOLY SMOKES!  My knight in shining armour!  WOW!  Within minutes, I realized I COULD walk into a local Telus store and BUY myself a great LG Optimus 7 WP7 phone?  Thank you Telus Rep, you made my afternoon! 

Telus Tweet

So why don't I?  HAHA  To be honest, I've been asking myself THAT very same question all afternoon!  I even walked by that VERY SAME Telus store twice tonight!  Ya, twice!!!!!!!

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • I told myself Nov 27 would be my deadline
  • I already HAVE an order in the pipeline (as worthless as that is without stock, I'm still in the queue) for a phone my two friends LOVE
  • my Rogers friend has been that persuasive to get me to wait
  • I'm ALREADY with Rogers for my two pay as you go phones and I figured might as well stick with them (pretty apathetic eh?)
  • I'm pretty proud of myself for negotiating a great cell phone deal for my monthly services
  • although I WANT a phone, I don't NEED one immediately, so I COULD wait a bit longer, but that excuse is wearing thin as the weeks DRAG ON!

BUT!!!!!!!!!!  There is a growing list of reason to jump ship.

  • I HATE being treated like a wallet and not a person!  I spoke to EIGHT people today to find out after three business days THERE'S NO INVENTORY!  There's just no excuse for that IMHO!
  • Telus HAS INVENTORY!  hahaha  let me say that again (Rogers, you watching?) TELUS HAS PHONES TO SELL!
  • I'm sure I can negotiate a similar deal with Telus for monthly services
  • I'd have a WP7 Optimus 7 right away, ok, so it's not the Focus, but it's in my hands, not in some warehouse in Vancouver/Toronto
  • It's $100 cheaper than the Focus, ya REALLY!
  • I know John who's got one and he really likes it!
  • It doesn't have the battery draining problems that have been reported with the SUPER AMOLED screen the Focus has
  • Telus customer service reps are tech savvy, THEY'RE WATCHING AND WILLING TO HELP FRUSTRATED PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I usually put a lot of stock in customer service, so what's my hold up?  Another three days.

The overall problem here is, Rogers completely missed the boat on a GREAT opportunity for geeks like me to BLOG THE VIRTUES OF THE FOCUS.  Instead, we're lambasting their complete lack of anything USEFUL!  Product, information, help.  OUCH!  Ya, REALLY!  I REALLY wonder what Microsoft Canada thinks about this whole Rogers debacle?  I know I'll never find out, but I would LOVE to be a fly on those boardroom walls when they get together to debrief each other!

Now that I've vented about Rogers being completely MIA with their WP7 launch, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!  hhmm maybe after I go looking at some Optimus 7 reviews....hahaha  Oh look, I'm giddy again!




IMDB: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, Bueller

Twitter: Peter Henry (@PeterHenry9999)

RedBoard: Rogers to bring Windows Phone 7 into Focus The Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7, coming soon to Rogers Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 today WP7 phones go on sale tomorrow, DON'T go to Rogers, they don't have any!

Samsung Focus

LG Optimus 7

Samsung Focus at Rogers

LG Optimus 7 at Telus

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19 comment(s) so far...

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blwoing their WP7 opportunity

If it helps, I have a LG Optimus from Telus and am very pleased with it.


By Kent on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 1:32 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

You've got one, and you're happy with it? (I'm reading your blog now, very cool!). I gotta sign up my RSS reader to that tomorrow! That's TWO people I know with the Optimus 7 and the Focus. Seems like everyone likes their hardware! I just wish I could participate! haha SOON! Very SOON! Thank you Kent for commenting! I hope you come back soon for more WP7 info. Have a good week!

By phenry on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 1:40 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Glad to hear about your positive experience with Telus. I can't say I was really expecting anything but a run-around from Rogers. Over time and multiple incidents between myself and the gf, I've learned that if you don't fit nice and squarely within Rogers' pre-established call-center workflow processes, you're going to get nothing but headaches and stress dealing with them. It took them three years (YEARS!) to properly setup my billing information.

By Peter B on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 9:43 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

THREE YEARS? Are you serious? HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I'd have gone bald six times over by then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm nearly there now! OH SNAP! So I assume you're with another company now, Telus I pressume? My problem is I REALLY want the Focus, but now I'm trying to figure out is it cause "I can't have it?" or maybe cause I'm getting sucked into the whole "allure" of it by reading peoples comments online? Just not sure about it anymore.

Thank you Peter for commenting! I always love reading your additions (assuming you're the same PeterB I'm thinking of, and if not, WELCOME ABOARD! and I hope you come back!) Either way have a good day!

By phenry on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 10:28 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Really? I JUST spoke with someone for 20m, got transferred to Customer Retentions and I just got hung on! REALLY!

By phenry on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 12:54 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Hi Peter

Sorry for the inconvenience. When we launched the Samsung Focus online, we launched it with limited quantities and offered upgrades and sale to new customers online only.

I am sorry if your device has been back-ordered. I will get in touch with you via Twitter and try to help.


By RogersElise on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 3:33 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Hello Elise, thank you for returning and reading my blog (I HOPE you read the gory details above?). Right now, this is bordering on false advertising IMHO.

I was REALLY hoping for a better experience from Rogers for this whole thing. I was looking forward to blogging GREAT things about the focus. Now I'm just wondering when I'm going to get my phone?

Rogers KNEW the device wasn't available when I ordered it, otherwise I WOULD HAVE IT!. Why, Why, WHY did you tease me with the opportunity to get it 3-5 days away? And to make matters worse, you're STILL doing it now!!!!!!! That's just outright lying!!!!!!!!! The Better Business Bureau should be looking into this.

As for helping? I propose THIS acceptable solution, you/Rogers reduce my monthly payments by $1 for every day you're late on delivering the Focus to me after the 5day marker? How's what work for you? You're on time? GREAT! You're two days late, then I get $2 off per month. Seems fair to me. Otherwise, what are you going to do for me to make me stay?

By phenry on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 3:44 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Looks like there are other's who are feeling the same SLAP IN THE FACE FROM ROGERS!!!!!!!!

By phenry on   Wednesday, November 24, 2010 5:10 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Waiting with bated breath to see what happens tomorrow. Given Elise's comments though, it looks like you'll need to leave Rogers for a contract period before they will value you as a customer. Ah, the Canadian retail way.

By Karen Lopez on   Friday, November 26, 2010 8:29 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Hi Karen, FORTUNATELY I did receive it tonight! One of my coworkers brought it up at about 4:55pm tonight actually!

I had decided "by the end of this week" before I would bail completely and go with the Telus Opimus 7. But I really did want to try the Focus. Tonight I got it! 1 day after the 3-5bus days Rogers "promised" BUT I did get it before the weekend. I REALLY didn't want to go another weekend without and hoping and wishing.

I will blog more about it tonight, you're the first person I'm actually told (well, besides my partner LOL), I just saw the email in my inbox about your comment and wanted to reply right away. Ya, weird, reply to blogs before doing my own? I've tried (and been lucky so far haha) to always put people's comments high up on the priority list.

Are you getting into the WP7 at all? What are you getting?

re leave and the CAN retail way
NEARLY did end up at that point. I do LOVE how Telus was responsive to me, and they did have phones! That can't be understated and I usually respond well to great customer service, but in this case, I did fall in love with the Focus. I just hope my trust isn't abused more.

Thank you for commenting and I hope you return back for more blog articles. Have a good weekend. Mines going to be busy! HAHA

By phenry on   Friday, November 26, 2010 8:40 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Great news! That's great. I also see that Elise has posted over on Windows Media Thoughts that new stock is in.

We are looking at a new phone for one that is off contract. Hard to choose a smartphone when you can't get your hands on a real one easily in Canada. For me it's all about eh screen and those dummy bricks don't really say anything about the screen.

By Karen Lopez on   Monday, November 29, 2010 4:08 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

I was looking at the Optimus 7 yesterday too, and I also noticed, they didn't have the power on and the paper insert just doesn't do the screen justice. DOH! But the size of that Optimus 7 is very nice, very comparable to the Focus. The four differentiating factors, Telus vs Rogers, power button placement, LCD vs AMOLED and rocker buttons vs capacitive touch.

Off contract, the Optimus 7 is $100 cheaper, that might be beneficial to know.

Good luck with your decision to buy a phone, I'm VERY curious to find out what you buy and what made you buy. Please come back and comment again. Thank you as well for returning to comment again. Have a good week.

By phenry on   Monday, November 29, 2010 4:11 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Wasn't going to comment on your blog, but I found you because you gave one of my Apps a 1 star rating.. I worked hard on it! It deserves at least 2 stars.

Anyways I'm not bitter, however Mosspuppet did say he was looking for you.

Anyways my experience with Rogers was very similar to yours. Accept I didn't order it online, I made the fatal mistake of walking into one of the stores and got the blank stare when I asked about the focus and Windows Phone.

I needed a phone to test my App (remember the one you rated as 1 star) so I promptly cancelled my rogers account and at first went into Telus, but since the phone for for the wife she wanted a keyboard, so I went into Bell and signed up for the LG.

My work phone is still with Rogers, so I eventually got the focus after trying 3 stores. The funny thing is I went back to my main store and asked about a case, the woman laughed and said, "A case?, I don't even know if I'll ever have the phone.".

Like I said, Microsoft allocated 500 million dollars for the WP7 launch, but it would seem Canada only got $0.50 of that budget.

By RWalrond on   Monday, December 13, 2010 4:39 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

I was going to wait to reply to your comment, but you're quote "he was looking for you" make me laugh!

re you worked hard on it!
YES! I can completely see that, and I will revisit it since you were kind enough in your posting (well, you didn't really ask for it, but I'm going to give it another look'see). My little ones were right beside me as I played the shut up quote, not good timing to have the speaker too loud. DOH! That's when I reviewed. I'll look again tonight/tomorrow night.

To be honest, I'm guessing that one's just not for me (as you already indicated it might not be in your comments). BUT I can certainly see there is A LOT of effort that went into that app. Yes, I can certainly appreciate that. I'm also looking at your other apps. Very spirtitual but interesting!

re Rogers
I like how you put it "fatal mistake." DOH! haha I called to try to save the frustration but same thing as you (except dead air on the phone HAHA).

re Telus
Sounds like you got the Quantum and the Focus then?

re case vs inventory
DOH! haha Have you gotten a case since? There's a Galaxy or Captivate, one that's the same size as the Focus (if youre looking for a leather case). I don't know about any hard cases yet.

re 500mil vs $0.50 for CAN
Certainly seems that way eh! I would concur!

I'll update my review.

By phenry on   Monday, December 13, 2010 4:56 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

My wife is a singer and it just so happens that the first set of things she did was on the spiritual side. Bu I have a ton more apps, including a game I'm really excited about that will be find it's way to the marketplace shortly.

Yeah, I finally got my focus, my wife is using the quantum. I'm really loving the phone, too bad Rogers really dropped the ball on this and too bad Microsoft let them.

By RWalrond on   Tuesday, December 14, 2010 12:40 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

re your wife and the spiritual side
AAAAHHHH That explains the difference in the two apps I've seen. Gotcha! I'm looking at doing something for my partner as well, like you, different from my geeky-self (ok that was a nerd's attempt at humour, didn't quite hit the mark I think, sorry, but I'm trying). As for the game, let me know, I'm interested in checking it out.

Are you on Twitter?

re Rogers and MS
Ya, I would LOVE to know what MS thinks about that whole "thing" as well.

It sounds like you are in Canada! Cool! Habs/Leafs/Sens/Oilers/Flames/Canucks fan? Or none of the above? Ok, ok, doesn't add to the technical discussion but I'm always pushing the Habs. haha

I do like how you "setup" (architected) the spiritual app! One BIG problem I'm finding is a BIG hole with knowing what you get and what you don't get with Trials. Within 1m I was able to find out to hear audio, I needed to buy the app (politely I might add, nice touch). Anyways, That I will most certainly add to a review. Just getting back from hockey, tired, late and need a snack.

Have a good night and good day tomorrow!

By phenry on   Tuesday, December 14, 2010 12:45 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Hey RWalrond, I added another review. Curous, I can't change my last review. I will continue to try to remove it if I can or bump it up.

By phenry on   Tuesday, December 14, 2010 11:55 PM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

Thank you for reviewing your review :-)

I'll tell mosspuppet to call of his angry puppet gang.

I'm in Toronto and you can find me @rswalrond

By rwalrond on   Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:18 AM

Re: Rogers? Rogers? Rogers? My blow by blow account of how Rogers is blowing their WP7 opportunity

re "da gang"HAHAHA Merci buckets! haha Walt and I might not agree on everything (he must be a Leafs fan, I'm a Habs fan) BUT as repeated many times before, I will fight for his right to exist (both are WP7, SL, VS, MS fans! LOL).

Thanks for the twitter coords, I just followed you there. Have a good one.

By phenry on   Thursday, December 16, 2010 10:05 AM

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