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YAHOOOOOO!!! I FINALLY got my WP7 Samsung Focus!!!!

Nov 26

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Friday, November 26, 2010 3:21 PM  RssIcon

Holding Samsung FocusYAHOO!!!!  My Samsung Focus arrived tonight at 4:55pm!!!!!!!!  Here's my initial takes on this WP7 smartphone!

Holding Samsung FocusTonight at 4:55, Oliver brought up a GREAT surprise for me!!!!!  YAHOO!!!  After a very tense day of waiting for the UPS guy to deliver the tiny little package, it finally came to me juuuuuust at the end of the day.  This little box certain DID cause a lot of a stir.  Lots of emails, tweets, blogs, etc FLEW around the internet.  A lot of trouble for this one little box.  But it's here, and I can FINALLY play with it!!!!!  AWESOME!

Here are my initial takes on it.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!  It's thin!  The first thing that I did notice was it's very similar to the thickness of my Apple iPod Touch I had.  Now, I'm not very good with exact measurements, I need to actually SEE and TOUCH to really appreciate the dimensions.  Although I can't pass this device around to everyone here (DOH!), I figured the next best thing would be to show how it compares to other things you probably do know their dimensions, sizes, thichnesses to.

Here's how the Focus compares to a netbook, USB key, pen and cup.

Top view

Next is the thickness/height of these same objects.

Profile view

Comparing to another cell phone (my old one).

Compared to my old phone Compared to my old phone

As you can (hopefully) see, it's got a big enough screen and isn't thick at all.  It feels quite "nice" and "comfortable" in your hand.  It's not heavy, certainly not heavy ala iPhone degree.  Some people have blogged about that being a bad thing.  And if you want your phone to be "on the sturdier side", you won't like this one.  BUT if you want to carry around a lighter phone, this certainly fits that bill (that's me! LOL).

NOTE:  Yes, I'm a Habs fan!  LOL  How COULD you tell?  Did you "sense" that in the pictures above? HAHA  Yes, I know they got shut out last night, and no I'm not very happy about that.  DOH!

Ok, now for some extra "interesting" tidbits of info I would like to pass along.

A LOT of hub-bub has been made about the Focus' microSD card that's expandable memory but not removable.......  Ya, that's a whole other blog post, but I'm guessing Microsoft and Samsung have been taking/expected to take a lot of heat for this cause they've put EXTRA warnings on a special sticker on the back of the unit.

Extra memory warning

In the past two weeks, I've been increasingly looking at Telus' LG Optimuz 7 (yyyyyiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa there's a back story to this one!) and the one and only REAL complaint about that phone is the small power button on the top of the phone.  The Focus on the other hand does have a bit bigger power button, but it's on the right side of the phone (near the top).  Just after a little bit of use, I do like that placement better than on the top.

Power button placement

And lastly, the ONLY thing I can say negatively about the Focus, is the placment of the of the Camera button.  Yes, yes, I know, I know, this COMPLETELY a personal thing, but in using the phone for two hours, I've already accidentally hit it 4/5 times.  Just a weird placement IMHO, juuust where I put that one finger, so when I squeeze the phone as I grip to do something else, I accidentally click it.  Maybe would have been better to be a few millimeters down or up.  But that's something I'm SURE I can live with and accomodate.

Camera button placement

This is just my initial "spin around the block" with the Focus.  I hope to write another blog about how Zune connects up to the phone.  I hope you come back for that!  Until then, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding!


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3 comment(s) so far...

Re: YAHOOOOOO!!! I FINALLY got my WP7 Samsung Focus!!!!

I can't wait to take it out of your hands on Monday, and try it for a WHOLE day. I am looking forward to a Focus/SD card blog.

Congrats, Sylvain

By Sylvain on   Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:13 AM

Re: YAHOOOOOO!!! I FINALLY got my WP7 Samsung Focus!!!!

Comparing it to one of _your_ cups of coffee doesn't seem like a good comparison ;)

I handled an LG and noticed that the power button was on the top. However, it does have a hardware Start button which can be used to turn it on, while the soft-key on the Samsung can't do that.

By Colin on   Sunday, November 28, 2010 11:12 AM

Re: YAHOOOOOO!!! I FINALLY got my WP7 Samsung Focus!!!!

Hey guys! Uh..hhmm Sylvain, hate to break it to ya, but no unauthorized Apple personnel/users/developer or other java-like individuals allowed NEAR this bad boy! DOH! hahah jk! :> Just having fun with ya. I didn't get a memory card though and the line up was just WAAAAAY to long at Rogers to ask. More later on I hope.

Compared to my cup at the office, this thing would look miniscule! HAHA I tried the LG again today at the store, and that power button is really small. Not hard to operate, just small.

What do you mean by the soft key though? The Windows key? I don't believe that's supposed to "wake" it up like the soft/hard power button does. I could be wrong though. Need to do a bit more investigations.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys! Have a great week!

By phenry on   Sunday, November 28, 2010 8:42 PM

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