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Really? 15,000 WP7 developers? COOL!

Dec 8

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010 10:09 PM  RssIcon

WP7Read on about the latest stats from Microsoft's WP7 release.


Over the last month, Microsoft's been kind of hush-hush about WP7 release numbers.  Why?  No, I don't have any insider info, I'm just guessing here but.....if I had to say it in one word, "inventory."

IMHO, they didn't have lines of people waiting for WP7 phones (in Canada at least) on Nov 8th.  Partly cause the people who WOULD have lined up (raise your hands if you were one of those?  Ya, me too!) knew Rogers didn't have any (yes, I tweeted EXTENSIVELY about this) and that Telus and Bell had special phones but only in limited quantities.  Rogers stores, just started selling the Focus.  Yes, you could have ordered one online, but ordering and receiving are different things.  I'm just now starting to see people tweeting/blogging en masse about receiving their Focus phones.

Ok, that's the "not so good news."  Here's the good news! 

When WP7 WAS released Nov 8th, there were rumours there were 12,000 registered WP7 developers and a thousand applications (no breakdown between Silverlight/XNA).  Ok, at $99/US to get onto the Marketplace, that's A LOT OF FLASHLIGHT APPS!  haha  Yes, even I have miFlashlight!  (ya, selfless plug there, did you notice? LOL).  But seriously, when I found out I was released onto the Marketplace, there were already 11 other flashlights.  There are a BOAT load of others there now.  Well, 27 PLUS more cause Zune currently doesn't do keyword searches, so people like ME whose application isn't named EXACTLY "flashlight" don't get found/listed (yet, I hope MS changes this soon).


Anyways, so what's a regular geek supposed to read into these new released sales figures/numbers?  Were you expecting 150,000 units sold in the first day?  Millions in profits the first week?  Ok, enough sarcasm, let's be serious.

Well, first off, Microsoft has never done well when they try to imitate Apple's BIG SPLASHES into the marketplace!  IMHO, when Microsoft does things slow, steady, methodical, calculated, cerebral, thought provoking, things just work out in the long run.  The tortoise wins the race.  The slow and steady win the race.  I believe that kind of thing JUST WORKS for Microsoft.  Hey, all the power to Jobs and Apple, they can do the BIG SPLASH thing, but when Microsoft puts their mind to something, WATCH OUT!  Let's not forget, Apple's made some dud-splashes too eh (ahum...Lisa....Newton.....DOH! they're not perfect neither).

Second, Microsoft's first REAL mobile attempt (IMHO, which compares to the other current leaders, sorry WM6.5, you just didn't cut it), MIGHT be a 1.uh.oh, BUT it's a GREAT shot!  Ok, so there are some hiccups, BUT it's working great!  And the smartphone even makes great phone calls!  I know Shane's had some "spontaneous reboots" but I haven't experienced anything too major.  My biggest hiccup is getting OneNote syncing errors.

Third, Microsoft had 12 THOUSAND people paying them money to get in on the ground floor even before release!  In TWO MONTHS, they've had another THREE THOUSAND people pay money to get in!  Ya, ya, ya they're developing flashlight apps, but those are the people who are going to make the next GREAT applications.  So far, there's already PowerPoint remote controls, server monitors, Twitter clients, newspaper readers, weather apps, CBC HNIC even has an application!  There's a HUGE variety of apps out there already!  And this is JUST THE BEGINNING!

Fourth, when WM6.5 was in it's heyday (like just before WP7 was released haha) there were only 1350 apps.  There's more than double that now for WP7, and that's only been in one month of release!  One month and you've more than doubled the coun...ok, you get the picture.

Fifth, there are nine WP7 phones in total, four of them in Canada.  And MORE coming!  Asus, Sony, Nokia are all looking at getting in on the WP7 market!  Very cool!  Don't like the HTC Surroud, fine, get the Optimus 7!  You want a keyboard, fine, there's an LG Quantum for you!  There's LOTS of variety in hardware, you're not told what you want, you get to choose!  Very cool!

And sixth, I LOVE how easy it is to get into WP7 development!  Download the tools (free versions exist), play with C# or VB.NET and BOOM, you've got yourself a Flashlight application in NO time flat!  Ya, it's THAT easy!  No new computer, no new OS, and (hopefully) the same IDE you're used to (if not, ok, that'll be one small learning curve there).

Ok, so what's this all add up to?  People are getting excited, slowly, methodically and they're LOVING their phones!  I've been lucky enough to goto a few WP7 presentations lately and people are just buzzing about what THEY can do!  Ya really!  Some are thinking like end users, and some are thinking like developers and coming up with their own applications!  It REALLY cool to see people's eye light up like that!

Yup, I love my WP7!  Ok, now that's out of the way, it's time to grab a coffee and get coding! 


PS  If you're in the Ottawa area, check out this blog and/or the ODNC webpage for an upcoming WP7 study group!  We're looking at doing a group learning thing to help developers take WP7 ideas from their head to the Marketplace!


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2 comment(s) so far...

Re: Really? 15,000 WP7 developers? COOL!

glad to see your optimism, would be interested to know how many downloads of miflashlight you've had.

otherwise what's the next app you are working on?

By colin on   Thursday, December 09, 2010 12:15 AM

Re: Really? 15,000 WP7 developers? COOL!

Oh, I'm very excited about WP7! HAHA Not sure how many downloads yet (not many I'm sure, 2/3 I think, me, and two friends LOL). Since you posed the question, I see AppHub is now showing that information on the Reports screen. Cool! Thanks for the head finger flick to go try it out! I see I have officially FOUR! haha But it's blog material soon!

re next apps
I want to make one for calling a cab (simple but useful in any CAN city), easy but I want to try out Trial. Then there's one for our company, Twitter feeds in that one. Oh and then there's a server monitor I have which I think I can make HUGE improvements on. I just need to find time and energy.

What are you working on? Thank you for leaving a comment! Always glad to see familiar names! Thanks!

By phenry on   Thursday, December 09, 2010 12:21 AM

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